Early Version of Google’s Fuchsia OS Demoed on Pixelbook

Posted on January 18, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 27 Comments

It recently became possible to run Google’s upcoming Fuchsia operating system on laptops, specifically the search giant’s Pixelbook. Fuchsia is a new operating system that Google is working on to potentially be the successor to both Android and ChromeOS. The OS is supposed to be able to adapt to the size of your device, almost like how Windows 10’s OneCore works.

There is very little to know about Fuchsia at this point in time, as Google is yet to officially acknowledge its existence. But Ars Technica’s Ron Amadeo was able to get Fuchsia up and running on his Pixelbook. Amadeo demoed some of the early features of Fuchsia, most of which are in the very early stages.

There isn’t a lot to Fuchsia right now, though. There’s a lock screen, a quick settings section, and a home screen. The home screen consists of a search box at the bottom that lets you search for files and applications locally, plus the ability to search on Google. It will also likely display intelligent card and suggestions from Google when the OS becomes more mature — but for now, they are just placeholders.

The most interesting about Fuchsia, at least for now, is the home screen and app launcher. The OS currently has a couple of barebones apps, including a file manager, and a web browser, which one can use to play around with the operating system’s multitasking UI. Like Windows 10, Fuchsia lets you snap windows to the side or on top of each other for multitasking, but it also includes a neat tabbed UI for multitasking that lets you easily switch between apps on the OS. There’s even a button that lets you switch between different modes, so you can see how the OS adapts to a phone or a tablet display.

Here are some screenshots:

Google’s Fuchsia operating system is still in the very early days of development. It will take years for the operating system to fully mature, or be capable of replacing Android. Google is just getting started here, and there are high chances of this project getting cancelled as the develpment progresses.

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