Google Announces Google One, Online Storage With Flexibility

Posted on May 14, 2018 by Brad Sams in Google with 36 Comments

Last week, Google held its IO conference where the company announced several new products and features but apparently, they didn’t have enough time to announce One. One is a new storage option from Google and for those who have a lot of content, it offers a decent amount of flexibility.

Google is evolving their Drive storage service with a new consumer offering that provides 100 GB for $1.99, 200 GB for $2.99, and 2 TB for $9.99 per month, while pricing for plans larger than 2TB will remain the same. (Existing 1 TB Drive plans will be upgraded to 2 TB at no extra cost.) Additionally, you will be able to share this storage with up to five family members.

Further, if you are paying for this storage, Google will also be offering ‘free’ one-tap access to Google Experts to help you with the company’s consumer products. Every iteration of Google One will include these support services which means if you have a problem with your Google account, you can now talk to an expert at the company for as little as $1.99.

The natural comparison here is to Microsoft’s OneDrive service with Office 365. The ‘Personal’ SKU of Office costs $70.00 a year (although you can find it cheaper on-sale) but that provides all of the Office apps and 1TB of online storage.

From a pure value perspective, Microsoft has the advantage here with Office 365 but there is one major problem; you can’t upgrade your storage with Office. So, if you are storing a lot of data online, Google One may be a better option for you as can dynamically change the amount of storage you are paying for each month.

Google isn’t widely available yet but you can sign-up to be notified when the service is available in your area, here.

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