Google Maps Now Shows You Restaurants That Will Actually Match Your Tastes

Posted on June 26, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 4 Comments

Google is rolling out a big update to Maps on Android and iOS today. The company is launching a new Your Match feature for Maps in the United States, UK, Canada, Australia, and Japan that will be able to rate restaurants based on your tastes. The feature works by leveraging your location history, looking at what restaurants you have visited in the past, and showing a rating for restaurants or bars you might want to visit. There’s also a new For You tab within the app that will keep you updated with everything happening around you, like when there’s a new bar or cafe that match your tastes, etc.

The Explore page in Google Maps is also being revamped to provide better recommendations. The Explore page lets you stay up to date with everything around you, find things to do around you, discover new activities, restaurants, bars, etc. Google Maps now displays trending lists and featured restaurants around you that can you can visit.

Google Maps’ new updates are important for a couple of reasons: most people aren’t bothered enough to review restaurants, and so being able to get a rating for restaurants based on your previous eating habits is pretty neat. Of course, we don’t know how accurate Google Maps is yet, and some restaurants that have a high Your Match rating might not even be popular for the dish you actually like ordering. There is a lot of other complications Google will eventually have to address, but it’s a solid start.

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