Google Starts Testing Chrome’s Material Design Refresh in Canary

Posted on July 10, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 12 Comments

Google is getting closer to bringing a huge re-design to Chrome on the desktop. The company has already re-designed parts of the browser to include its Material Design, and now, it’s getting ready to update the browser UI. Today, the company rolled out a new update to Chrome Canary on Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS that enables the new Material Design Browser UI by default.

The new browser UI on Windows can be seen above, and it includes anew Material Design address bar, as well as the tweaked tab shape and tab colours. It’s an interesting set of changes that will definitely require users some getting used to. “Plenty of things have been updated for the better in my opinion: tab shape, single tab mode, omnibox suggestion icons, tab strip coloring, pinned tabs, and alert indicators,” said a Google evangelist said, announcing the new update. The new update is yet to be enabled by default on macOS, but XDA Developers reports that the new design can be enabled with an experimental flag on Apple’s Mac devices.

Google Chrome’s design has remained almost the same for a long time, and it’s nice to see some changes coming to the browser. The new browser UI is, however, quite a significant change from the current browser UI — so it will be interesting to see how users react once the design is rolled out to everyone. Needless to say, Google will likely roll the update out slowly to test the waters and adapt the design based on feedback from users.

You can check it out by downloading Chrome Canary here. 

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Comments (12)

12 responses to “Google Starts Testing Chrome’s Material Design Refresh in Canary”

  1. dscribe

    Not super thrilled with the new tab design, but so long as it works I can live with it.

  2. jimchamplin

    From that little snippet there, it looks great!

  3. ijprest

    Looks terrible. This might be the change that finally pushes me to FireFox.

  4. ReformedCtrlZ

    So I hate the new tab design and the rounded corners - would definitely look better either squaring off or leaving the old angle shape. The new look also has a ton of whitespace and extra UI padding which I'm not a fan of either. And Google may love white, but I remain not a fan. I've Google is really pushing me to not like Chrome anymore...

    This probably comes across as being averse to change, but I love new things - just not when they're ugly...

  5. ianhead

    It... does not look very good. Strange considering that Material generally is quite good on phones.

  6. polarPorg

    So Firefox goes from curved to straight tabs and Chrome goes from straight to curved? I'm appalled by the lack of tab UI innovation </sarcasm>

  7. StevenLayton

    As someone who spends all of my browsing time looking at and appreciating the shape of the tab, rather than the content of the page, I dislike this change!


  8. UbelhorJ

    I don't feel positively or negatively about this! It still just looks like a web browser.

  9. Oasis

    I like it, but I only use Chrome as a backup to Firefox.

  10. Igor Engelen

    I honestly think it's because more and more devices with rounded corners are appearing. So it fits a higher purpose let's say ?

  11. NT6.1

    The tabs are too thick now. I don't like that.

    • JMarco

      As you add more tabs, all open tab sizes shrink to allow more tabs to fit in