Google’s Job Search Tool Now Available in the UK

Google is making it easier for Search users in the UK to find jobs. The company’s new job searching tool, which has only been available in the United States so far, is now available in the UK.

Google’s new job search tool is integrated into Google Search, so you can look for jobs just like a regular Google query. If you type in “web dev jobs near me”, for example, Google will show you web development jobs around your area. The tool also gives you access to important information like the pay, reviews and ratings of the employer, as well as the job description right from search. Google also gives you access to a wide range of filters so you can find the perfect job.

Of course, you can’t directly apply for jobs right from Google, but the company is partnering with sites like The Guardian Jobs,, Haymarket, Gumtree, The Telegraph, etc. to source all these jobs, and you will have to apply for the jobs through any of these sites. Google is letting other third-party job providers list their jobs within Search as well. Interestingly, Google isn’t using LinkedIn as a source in the UK, but the company does source the majority of the jobs for its search tool in the USA from Microsoft’s linkedIn.

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