Google Could Be Preparing Major Redesigns for All Its Apps

Posted on July 23, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Google with 9 Comments

Google seems to be cooking up a major revamp of all its apps. The company has been working on revamping Material Design this year, with some of the changes coming to Android P.

A new video of what seems to be Google’s concepts of its redesigned apps like Photos, Drive, Trips, Maps, and Gmail has been released online, reports Ars Technica. The video was actually released by two Google collaborators, Adam Grabowski and Nicolo Bianchino, who are envisioning how the firm’s apps could look with the updated Material Design guidelines.

Here’s the video:

There is a lot to take in here. First off, Google is adopting a new style for its icons — the company is now switching to outline UI icons, which carry less weight and possibly help present a cleaner, simplified UI. But there is one major change: a huge shift towards bottom-based navigation. Google has long been one of the main users of hamburger menus, but the firm is finally switching to bottom-based navigation that is not only easier to use, but also make apps way more convenient to use. Phones have been getting longer, though our hands are still the same size, and so moving the navigation to the bottom makes a lot of sense.

There are a lot of other interesting design elements throughout the concept video. Google is opting for a lot of context-based depth UI, and it’s notably working on what seems to be an all-white design for all its apps. It’s a little too early to say how the final products will end up looking like, however.

Keep in mind — this is technically just a concept video, and they may not be actual shots of the redesigned products. Multiple Google employees have been sharing the video on social networks, which essentially confirms a major update is on its way. Still, it’s too early to confirm whether Google is going to make such radical changes to the design of its core apps. Some of the design elements shown in the video like the outline UI icons are already present in Android P betas, so there is a possibility of the new redesigns being a reality.

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