Google Chrome Gets New Design, Smarter Suggestions, Increased Security

Posted on September 4, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 20 Comments

Google Chrome is a getting massive update today. To celebrate 10 years of the world’s most popular browser, Google is introducing a major update for the browser on your computer, and mobile devices.

Chrome now has a completely new look. On the desktop, the tabs have been redesigned to be more modern and consistent, to match with all the other Material Design elements of the browser. The address bar’s been also tweaked, with the Omnibox (suggestions bar) now giving you intelligent suggestions. For example, it’ll now answer some of your questions directly without you even needing to open a new tab. Plus, Chrome will now tell you when you already have a site open, so you can jump to that tab without making a duplicate tab. And soon, you will be able to search for your files on Google Drive using Omnibox.

Chrome on Mobile is getting major updates, too. The look of the browser has been radically changed, with a massive UX change on iOS where the toolbar has now been moved to the bottom so it’s way easier to reach. Google says the company tweaked the color palette, added new icons, simplified prompts, menus, your profile, and more across the browser.

Chrome’s getting a new tab on the desktop as part of the latest update as well. Chrome now lets you personalize the New Tab page with your own wallpaper, and you can finally — yes, finally — add your own links to the New Tab page for quick access. Google’s also doubling down on security with an upgraded password manager that’ll now automatically generate passwords for you so you don’t use the same password for all your accounts.

Needless to say, this is a massive update. The new look, especially on the desktop, will make Chrome like a completely different browser. You will certainly need a little getting used to, though the new changes are more than fantastic. The smarter address bar suggestions, the cleaner design, the smarter password manager, and the better user-experience add up to what seems like the best Chrome update in a long time.

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Comments (20)

20 responses to “Google Chrome Gets New Design, Smarter Suggestions, Increased Security”

  1. dcdevito

    I thought the omnibar has been doing this for years??

  2. pargon

    I normally have 10-15 tabs pinned, using the title bar accent color in windows makes the new design very hard to see and identify which tabs are which. I like the title bar accent, wish I knew how to turn off the color for just Chrome. Lots of pinned tab icons I have are looks awful on a blue title bar.

  3. dontbe evil

    still wasting too much resources...ah right they're acquiring all your datas

    security??? LOL

  4. Davor Radman

    Yeah, tab toolbar is a regression IMHO, at least with the default theme. With a darker theme it's much better.

    But for some reason I don't see "new tab" update.

  5. Foxpaw will only fully load in incognito mode. In regular mode...."fails to respond" even after waiting for several minutes each time. Reboots, cleared cache and twitter cookies yields same problem.

  6. UbelhorJ

    Finally. It feels like they've had the new look done but stuck in the beta channels for a million years already.

  7. MikeGalos

    "Google is introducing a major update for the browser on your computer, and mobile devices"

    Google is introducing a major update to Microsoft Edge? Well, that's a bit awkward of them.

  8. VancouverNinja

    Just switch to Edge. Much better browser.

  9. skane2600

    Having a "clean" screen was WordPerfect's mantra. Perhaps we should be calling it "Late 20th Century Retro" rather than "modern"

  10. Sir_Timbit

    My Chrome just updated to 69...Not liking the new tab design and lack of contrast. Light grey for the active tab and a slightly darker grey for everything else just makes for more squinting...

  11. Stoffel

    I've just upgraded Chrome to the latest version on my PC, but it doesn't look anything like the image on top.

    Tabs and taskbar look just like before

  12. Sir_Timbit

    Turns out there is a setting to revert the UI changes which is what I've done for now:

    1) go to chrome: //flags/#top-chrome-md (note no space between the : and // )

    2) Change the setting to "normal"

    3) Relaunch Chrome.