Google’s Home Hub Smart Display Leaks in New Color

Posted on September 27, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 7 Comments

Google launched its Smart Displays platform earlier this year, with products from companies like Lenovo. The company didn’t announce its own Home-branded Smart Display, though. And that’s going to change, soon.

Google is expected to announce its own smart display powered by Google Assistant next month at its hardware event. The device, reportedly called the Home Hub, will feature a 7-inch display and can be used to use to control your smart home devices, and much more.

The folks at Android Headlines got an early look at the Home Hub, letting us get our first look at the smart display. Much like other Google Home products, the Home Hub will come in Charcoal and a white variant.  We already got an early look at the white version, and the latest leak gives us a look at the Charcoal version.

As for the time being, we don’t know a lot of the specs of the Home Hub, but it is expected to retail for $149. Google will take the wraps off the Home Hub at its October 9 hardware event, along with new Pixel phones and other hardware.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Google’s Home Hub Smart Display Leaks in New Color”

  1. locust infested orchard inc

    Tagline quote by Mehedi Hassan, "Google will soon reveal its own smart display powered by Assistant."

    Mehedi, I found a massive typographical error in your above quote, but don't worry, I've fixed it for you.

    It should have read as:

    "Google will soon reveal its own smart display powered by Ads." ;-) :-D

  2. Bats

    It's still white. Lol... only the back is black and who looks at the back. For it to be really black, the bezel or frame needs to be black too (IMO).

  3. CaymanDreamin

    It would be a nice touch if you were able to remove the screen from the stand and use it as a tablet. It could even have different functionality based on whether it is attached or in "tablet mode".

  4. Jeff Jones

    That power cable look like it is permanently attached to the unit, as opposed to a detachable USB connector or simple DC barrel connector.

    Are we thinking these are real photos or just a mockup rendering?

  5. Jeffsters

    Who is asking for this? With most people carrying a more powerful full featured device in their pocket I just don't get the target customer or use case. I had wild ideas on this years ago and have three older gen 9" iPads on attractive table stands around my house. Like my earlier old iPhone Siri voice device experiment, this recycle plan has been a fail. I never intentionally get up and go to one and instead pull out my phone. I guess they know better than I!

  6. Jeffsters

    In reply to sandermc:

    No but I am intrigued how long this has managed to stay posted!