Google Literally Can’t Stop Leaking the Pixel 3

Posted on September 27, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 7 Comments

If it feels like the Pixel 3 has been leaking for ages, you wouldn’t be wrong. Pixel 3 is Google’s next flagship, set to be official on October 9. At this point, though, we literally know everything about the device. Google just can’t stop the leaks for this thing, and it’s kind of ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I love leaks — but this seems like a planned marketing strategy to create hype around the device.

Either way, the new set of leaks aren’t any different from the previous leaks. This time, MySmartPrice has leaked a new help video for the Pixel 3 where Google shows off some of the features of the device, mostly to help new users:

The video itself doesn’t show off any new hardware features of the device, most of which have been leaked over the past few weeks. It does, however, show off the software of the Pixel 3 in great detail, and even though it’s almost identical to the Android Pie experience, we do get a closer look at the new camera UI. As previous leaks confirmed, Google is introducing a new UI for the camera app on the Pixel 3, and the video above gives us a much closer look at the refined interface for the camera.

The video guide above is also all found on the Pixel Tips app, which is a new built-in app accessible through settings on the Pixel that will help users get to know more about all the features of their device. It’s mostly meant for people who are novice and aren’t into tech, which I guess is going to be useful as Google is trying to attract iPhone users away from Apple here.

Google’s Pixel 3 is set to arrive on October 9, make sure to keep an eye out, in case there’s something we already don’t know.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Google Literally Can’t Stop Leaking the Pixel 3”

  1. dcdevito

    This is all Google marketing, turning the last 4 weeks into one giant ad campaign.

  2. gardner

    If true, if this in fact is a planned marketing campaign, then this is disgraceful treatment of the team that built this product, and gives the opponents of Google ammunition that Google is not a trustworthy company. If Google marketing is not honest about their product campaign, why should we expect honesty in other areas?

    And if this is not orchestrated marketing, then Google is overrun by enemies from within, and again, they cannot be trusted. Unless Google wants to offer up some more believable reason for all these leaks.

  3. jdmp10

    I get that Google is trying REALLY HARD to attract iPhone users to the Pixel family but at what point does Google draw the line to copying the iPhone's exterior look and software design? Anything that really made the Pixel unique on the outside or in the software is slowly going away and it's turning into the Android iPhone I'm sure many Google employees have been yearning for a long time.

    • Bats

      In reply to jdmp10:

      Huh? I don't think Google is trying "REALLY HARD" to attract iPhone users. There practically is no difference between the look of an iPhone as opposed to ALL the other smartphones in the market. They all practically look the same, except for the Samsung Galaxy lines. Smartphones are basically a screen. Right now, I am looking at my 46" Sony TV. LOL...if I rotate it 90 degrees to the right and shrink it (perhaps) about 90%, my tv would look like smartphone. The only really design difference is coming from the back and Google's is very unique.

  4. Bats

    Planned marketing strategy to create hype? LOL...ya tink?

    Everybody does that. Every company , every person, ...... everybody.

  5. locust infested orchard inc

    Leaks are good up to a point, but when the posterior starts leaking due to consistent inappropriate (ab)use, as is the case with Google's persistent data-harvesting endeavours, along with intentionally leaking its forthcoming phones, then when the product is eventually showcased to the World, the mass hysteria displayed by devotees of Google will end up as a damp squib affair.