Google Lens Now Works on Google Images

Posted on October 25, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 1 Comment

Google Lens Will Bring Vision-Based Object Identification to Your Phone

Google Lens is coming to Google Images. Google today announced that Google Images users can now access Lens directly without needing to have a device that comes with Google Lens.

Google Lens on Google Images works just like you would expect. When you search for pictures on Google Images and open one, you can use Lens to get more information about the image. You can, for example, find out more about the different objects in a product, or find similar ones.

Google says Lens in Google Images is only able to identify products and other objects Lens has already identified, but it will support things like landmarks, animals, and plants in the coming months.

Lens in Images is going to be interesting to use. It could be quite a handy feature when you are looking for similar products from an image and shop online for those directly without needing to do a lot of the manual searching yourself, for example.

The feature is available today for users in the United States on from their mobile devices.

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