Google Photos Doubles the Capacity for Live Albums

Posted on December 20, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 1 Comment

Google quietly introduced somewhat of a significant upgrade for Google Photos recently. If you use the service’s Live Albums feature, you will be glad to know that these albums can now store double the amount they could in the past.

Live Albums, for those unfamiliar, essentially allows you to create albums that automatically add pictures to them when they detect a certain face. You can set up the albums to automatically add pictures of a certain face group. This lets you create an album for a close person in your life, without having to manually add pictures to the album and leaving it all to Google — provided the face recognition tech works accurately, of course.

Live Albums could only store 10,000 photos and videos in the past, and that was quite limiting for some people. Android Police reports Google has now doubled the amount, bringing it up to 20,000 photos and videos, which aligns with the limit for Shared Albums as well.

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Comments (1)

One response to “Google Photos Doubles the Capacity for Live Albums”

  1. michael.dice

    Does it then just show the most recent 20,000? What happens when you reach the "limit"?