Google Assistant Gets Continued Conversations on Smart Displays

Posted on March 8, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 2 Comments

Google is launching a new Continued Conversations feature for the Google Assistant today. The new feature is coming to Smart Displays powered by the Google Assistant, but you will only get to use the new feature if you are in the United States.

Continued Conversations is a pretty simple but useful feature. It essentially allows you to hold a conversation with the Assistant without having to constantly say “Hey Google”. You can, for example, say “who is the founder of Microsoft” and once the Assistant answers, it will keep listening for any follow-up questions, and you can hit it with other questions. All without needing to say “Hey Google” again.

The feature needs to be enabled manually from the Assistant app on your phone under Settings → Preferences → Continued Conversation.

Alexa has a similar feature called the follow-up mode where you can keep asking Alexa questions without having to activate the assistant with the hotword. As for Google Assistant, Continued Conversations are available on all smart displays in the US, including the Google Home Hub and Lenovo’s Smart Display (picture above).

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Google Assistant Gets Continued Conversations on Smart Displays”

  1. markbyrn

    Nice, works well

  2. BeckoningEagle

    It says it is available for English(US) which technically is not the same as just US.