Gmail Now Lets You Schedule Emails, Launches Improved Smart Compose

Posted on April 1, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 2 Comments

To celebrate Gmail’s 15th birthday, Google is making its email service more assistive. The company is launching a couple of new features today that will help you get more done with Gmail.

The main new feature is the Schedule Send feature, and it essentially allows you to schedule emails to be sent at a particular time. The feature allows you to send an email next morning, next afternoon, on a certain day, or you can simply pick the exact date and time you want to send the email. You won’t have to have the Gmail app open after scheduling the email for it to actually be sent, as that’s all done on the backend.

Gmail is also improving its Smart Compose feature. The feature was previously limited to Pixel 3 devices and it’s now coming to all Android devices, with an iOS release expected soon as well. Smart Compose also now remembers what kind of greetings you prefer to use on your emails, so if you frequently type “Ello” or “Ahoy” it will remember that and start your emails with that. And it’s also now capable of suggesting email subjects based on the content of your email. Last but not least, Smart Compose now works with Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Google also announced support for new interactive emails on Gmail last week.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “Gmail Now Lets You Schedule Emails, Launches Improved Smart Compose”

  1. dmaddogg

    I am glad this will be a baked in feature. Been using Boomerang for years and while it did work very effectively, it always seemed like a janky add on. No offense to the dev's that made the gmail extension. They were working with the constraints they had at the time.

  2. Joshua Manring

    F$ck you Google. Yeah... my Gmail inbox is now full of every email I ever checked “Done” on in Inbox.

    Actually, the shutdown of Inbox, and loss of bundles has liberated me. I just don’t check my personal email anymore, and moved the handful of important emails (bills, etc) to a different service.

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