Mystery Google Media Device Appears at FCC

Posted on June 1, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 3 Comments

Google could be working on a new Home/Nest device. According to a new report from Droid Life, a new media device from Google has appeared at the FCC recently.

There isn’t a lot of details about the new product, but all we know is that it is a media device, and is most likely a part of Google’s Home line of devices. The device has an ID of A4RH2B, with a model number of H2B. That matches the model numbers of the rest of the Home line — with the Home Mini being H0A, Home Max being H0B, Home Hub being H1A, and the new Nest Hub Max being H2A.

There aren’t any pictures of the new device, but we have a diagram of the bottom of the device, which looks pretty small and compact. The FCC listing also reveals the device is powered by a 3.8B lithium-ion battery, suggesting that it could come with replaceable batteries. But either way, it’s still a big mystery for now.

It’s possible the new device could be a Mini version of the Nest Home Hub and the Nest Home Hub Max, coming at an even lower price. We shall see.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Mystery Google Media Device Appears at FCC”

  1. SvenJ

    When I got my Home/Nest hub (not the new Max) what struck me was, Hey, this is a Nexus 7 glued to a base. That made me tear up with nostalgia for my Nexus 7(s). Loved those little guys, but they succumbed to battery bloat, and eventual OS abandonment. Wouldn't it be cool if a 'portable' Nest display appeared with sort of the form factor of the current hub screen portion and maybe a wireless charging base (ala Nexus 7) that could even support some better sound/mic. Could use pogo pins too. Maybe there could be a wireless charging wall mount. I have a Fire Tablet with Echo dock, and that concept is interesting, where it is an Android(Amazon) tablet off the dock and an Echo when on. This could be like that.

  2. datameister

    I'm hoping it's a Google supported Android TV box, with remote.

  3. Tony Barrett

    I'd like Google to release a peephole camera version of it's Nest Hello doorbell. Amazon are doing this right now with a new version of the Ring doorbell. I cannot find a single, battery powered peephole camera with wifi compatible with Google Home.