Google Releases Android Q Beta 4

Posted on June 5, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Google with 5 Comments

Almost a month ago, Google released the third beta of Android Q. The company has introduced a bunch of new features with Android Q, including things like a dark mode and an improved navigation system. Today, Android Q is getting closer to its final release.

Google is today releasing the fourth beta of Android Q. And although it doesn’t include any major new features, it’s preparing the developer platform for the final release. With the release of Android Q beta 4, Google is releasing finalising the APIs in Android Q.

Google is finalising the Android Q APIs, API level 29, today. The company is also releasing the official SDK for API 29, as well as updated build tools for Android Studio. That means developers can now start testing their apps on Android Q, and even start implementing some of the new APIs on their apps, so they are ready for when Android Q is publicly released.

And now that the APIs are finalised, Google will soon start testing release candidates for Android Q. Beta 5 is expected to be the first release candidate, followed by Beta 6. Once that’s done, Android Q will be released, after all the shenanigans around its final name, of course.

You can download Android Q beta 4 from here.

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