Google Now Lets You Automatically Delete Your Location History Data

Posted on June 26, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 8 Comments

Back in May, Google introduced the ability to auto-delete your personal data from its servers every 3 months or 18 months. The company first started off with Web Activity data, letting users automatically delete their web activity and search history from Google every 3 months or 18 months.

Today, the feature is being expanded to support location history data. That means you will now be able to automatically delete your location history data that Google collects every 3 months or 18 months. Or you can simply set it to delete manually whenever you want.

Google has so far introduced the auto-delete functionality only for Location History and Web Activity data, though it will likely expand the feature to other types of data. The auto-delete functionality is really useful if you don’t want Google to keep hold of your data for ages but still want to make use of the recommendations and features that are made possible with the use of your personal data. It will be interesting to see if Google builds on this and gives users even more control over their data in the future.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Google Now Lets You Automatically Delete Your Location History Data”

  1. furdturgeson

    To clarify Google is making it appear to delete your data... not actually deleting the data... correct?

  2. JVarde

    Maybe I'm too cynical, but I assume that the reason that Google "allows" you to delete your old location and activity data is that it has nominal value. Does anybody really care what products you looked at or what store you were in a year and a half ago? If Google (or anybody else) was really interested in protecting my privacy, then they would let me choose not to have my personal data collected in the first place.

    • Pbike908

      In reply to JVarde:

      Uh,,,there is a setting in Google that stops them from saving any personal data...I use it....Although, I wouldn't bet a dollar that Google isn't collecting/saving something via other means

  3. Winner

    Perhaps a better title wouldn't use "Google Now" which is also a feature name unrelated to location history.

  4. Thom77

    In other words, you can delete your location data after the NSA or equivalent agency has logged it on their side.

  5. dontbe evil

    Yeah... Sure sure sure