Google Tries to Make up for the Death of Google Trips

Earlier this week, Google shutdown its Google Trips app, disappointing some of the long-time users of the service. Today, Google is adding some new features to Google Search and Google Maps to help make up for the absence of Trips.

Google Maps will now show you your reservations within the app on your phone, and on the web, you will be able to see your upcoming trips at The feature works by checking any reservations you get on your Gmail account, and automatically fetches details about that reservation to help you book other things like hotels, restaurants, and suggest things to do, kind of like Google Trips. You can manually add reservations to a trip too, though it’s not clear if you can actually manually make a new trip via the website.

The same website will display information about top neighborhoods to help you figure out your plans on a trip. It will show you hotels in different neighborhoods based on prices, ratings, etc. It will even show you details about the neighborhoods itself, so you can figure out if you will actually enjoy the vibe of the place.

And when you are booking flights, Google Flights will now provide price guarantee — a new feature that predicts when a price won’t decrease during a certain period. And if it does decrease by greater than $5, you can receive up to $500 back total for all your flights. The feature is only available for flight prices that Google is confident about.

Last but not least, Google is upgrading the Timeline feature on Google Maps to help you better organise places you have been to in the past, and even create lists that you can share with others. The feature only works for those who allow Google Maps to track their location history, of course.

These new features are actually quite helpful now that Google Trips is no longer a thing. It would obviously help to have a dedicated have for all your trips instead of constantly switching between Google Search and Google Maps, but this is still better than nothing.

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  • jgraebner

    Premium Member
    08 August, 2019 - 1:57 pm

    <p>I just looked at the page and it looks pretty similar to Google Trips and seems to have some of the same limitations. I can see where it will be useful for some kinds of trips, but it still is too limiting in what you can track. It only seems to let you track hotels, flights, trains, buses, car rentals, and restaurants. It doesn't cover other kinds of reservations nor does it provide any way to create your own custom types.</p><p><br></p><p>I have a family vacation planned later this year and it captured parts of it, but not everything. In particular, the trip includes a 5-night cruise out of Miami with stays and activities in Orlando before and after, but it has no way of tracking the cruise. The result is that it thinks the trip has a big gap in it and it pops up all kinds of suggestions for booking lodging and even flights to Miami during that gap period. There are also a bunch of dining reservations during that trip in my gmail account that it didn't notice.</p><p><br></p><p>I've looked at Trips a number of times over the years and always found big holes in every trip.</p>


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