Google Launches Lite Version of Its Search App for Android Worldwide

Posted on August 20, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Google, Mobile with 0 Comments

Google is today launching the lightweight version of its search app worldwide. The company’s Google Go app meant for Android Go devices is now available in all countries. In the past, the app was limited only to countries where Android Go devices were sold.

Starting today, the app will be available to all Android users.

Coming in at just more than 7MB, the Google Go app is meant to offer a speedy and efficient search experience for users. The app uses less memory and works well in unstable internet connections. It also uses less mobile data for searches.

Google Go also comes with features like a read-out-loud feature that uses AI to allow you to listen to content on any web page, and Google Lens to help you read text from the real world.

The app is available to all users running Android Lollipop and newer, so it’s available to the majority of Android users. You can get it here.

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