Gmail No Longer Gives You an Excuse to Send Emails With Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Posted on August 21, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 12 Comments

Typos are always annoying, but Google is adding a new feature to Gmail to help you automatically fix typos. Although you can already use services like Grammarly to detect typos and grammar mistakes in your emails and other documents, Google is taking things a slight step forward.

For its G Suite business users, Google is introducing a new as-you-type spelling and grammar correction feature that will essentially give you no excuse to have typos in your emails. The feature uses artificial intelligence to automatically detect spelling mistakes, and suggest fixes. What’s more, it will even automatically correct some of these issues by itself which is really cool and will save a lot of your time. That only works for English and common spelling mistakes, by the way.

For grammatical errors, Google will show a squiggly blue line under the phrase where there is an error, and you can hover over it to get a fix automatically suggested by Google. As for auto-correction, it simply shows an underline under the corrected change for a few seconds before disappearing, which is a subtle way of letting you know that a correction was made.

The feature is rolling out gradually to G Suite users today, and it will be released more widely on September 12. The feature is enabled by default, too, by the way.

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