Google Unveils Next-Gen Wifi Router With Assistant Integration

Posted on October 15, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Google, Hardware with 7 Comments

Google is introducing a new version of Google WiFi, and it’s called the Nest Wifi Router. The company first launched Google WiFi alongside the first-ever Pixel phones and it’s revamping the devices this year with the launch of the Pixel 4.

Google’s new Nest Wifi Router comes as a standalone Wifi Router, as well as small beacons,  called the Nest Wifi Points that help you extend your network’s range. The idea is that the main Nest Wifi Router will act as the central hub, while the Nest Wifi Points will help you extend the network without having to by individual Nest Wifi Routers.

Google is also bringing Assistant to its Wifi routers this year, just like Amazon. Nest Wifi Points essentially act as mini Google Assistant speakers, allowing you to use Assistant to perform a bunch of different tasks like normal Assistant speakers. Google is also introducing some new WiFi features to the Assistant, meaning you will be able to control the Nest WiFi system with your voice via Assistant.

The new system is fully compatible with the existing Google Wifi routers, so you can simply expand on your existing system instead of having to fully replace your old system if you are already a Google Wifi user.

The new system is much more home-friendly than before, though, mainly thanks to the new design. It also comes in three new colors, including white, blue, and light brown. You will be able to get a 2 pack Nest Wifi for $269 and $349 for 3 pack on November 4.

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Comments (7)

7 responses to “Google Unveils Next-Gen Wifi Router With Assistant Integration”

  1. StevenLayton

    I wish these things had a model offering with a built in modem. My rubbish BT router doesn’t play well with my existing Google WiFi router, something to do with the BT router not supporting bridge mode.

    • wright_is

      In reply to StevenLayton:

      I have a Fritz!Box 7490. I just switched off its Wi-Fi and slapped in a pair of Ubiquti Unifi access points.

      Bridging wi-fi from different manufacturers is generally not supported. My set-up is a bit extravagent, but it works nicely.

      I have the Fritz!Box in pass-through mode, attached to a Unifi USG (firewall/threat detection/prevention), which in turn is plugged into a Zyxel switch with VLAN capabilities*.

      One AP is then plugged into the Zyxel and the other has a wireless bridge to the first.

      In your case, you could just switch off the Wi-Fi in the BT router and stick one AP in the BT router and the other bridging with the first. That or you will have to get a second BT wi-fi access point that supports bridging (I don't know if they have such a thing).

      * Mine is so complicated, because I want separate VLANs for device management, general wi-fi, guest wi-fi, IoT wi-fi, general cabled network etc. and have proper separation between the networks - the guest and IoT wi-fi can't see anything on the main network, for example, but management devices can access IoT devices.

  2. bassoprofundo

    So no Wifi 6 & no ethernet ports on the extenders, meaning no using ethernet for backhaul... (sighs and looks his aging Asus AC68Us) Maybe next time, boys...

  3. Brian Gibson

    Super info in this article re specs :-(

  4. mmcpher

    So it seems as if this release is along the lines of the last, as the Google Mesh WiFi was nowhere near it's competitors for range, capacity, strength, speed, which are concerns for many WiFi users. It seems to be competing mostly with Amazon's Eero, with it's mid-range specs and lower price. The last thing I want is for me to give up whatever illusory defenses I have between my devices and my router and the rest of the wide world. I don't want Google filtering, snooping and directing every bit that comes down the pipe. I like having my Google devices and my Amazon devices subject to another's router and security.

  5. bfarkas

    Important to not, this is not just like the eero ones amazon announced as you state. The eero integrates, but you still require an echo device. This has the google assitant built into it, mic and speaker. Important distinction.

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