Google Stadia Releases Buddy Pass After Failing to Deliver During Initial Launch

Posted on November 27, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Google with 4 Comments

Days before the launch of Stadia, it’s new cloud game-streaming service, Google disappointed a lot of fans. The company announced a number of features that won’t be available for Stadia during the initial launch, some of which were the main highlight features of the platform, to begin with.

And one of those features was Buddy Pass, which was a major benefit of buying the Stadia Founders Edition. The pass essentially gives Stadia Founders Edition owners the ability to invite a friend to join Stadia for three months for free. And unfortunately, the Buddy Pass wasn’t available for Founders Edition owners on day one.

Google has now started releasing the passes to customers, after failing to deliver it on day 1. The new feature means you can now invite a friend to join Stadia for free for three months. The pass can be accessed through an envelope icon in the Stadia app to buyers of the Stadia Founders Edition.

From there, you can share a buddy pass with a friend that you want to invite. And if you are the person receiving the pass, you can redeem it using the access code through the Stadia app on your Android or iOS phone.

Buddy Pass is a pretty nice bonus for those with Stadia Founders Edition, as long as you ignore the fact that Google didn’t deliver on its promises. But do keep in mind that you can only share the Buddy Pass with a friend within three months of receipt.

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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Google Stadia Releases Buddy Pass After Failing to Deliver During Initial Launch”

  1. IanYates82

    And that friend can then use a regular xbox or ps4 controller with chrome to access stadia? (ie, no purchase of hardware required)

  2. chaad_losan

    Get it right "Google continues to fail"

  3. rm

    Don't they just have the right to stream? Doesn't that friend still need to buy any game they want to stream?