UK’s Biggest ISP Is Bundling Google Stadia With Its Broadband Offers

Posted on January 17, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Games, Google Stadia, Google with 1 Comment

Google is taking an interesting new approach with its cloud game streaming platform Stadia. The company today announced its partnership with BT, UK’s largest internet service provider.

BT is Stadia’s “first European distribution partner”, which will see both the companies work together to promote Stadia’s cloud gaming features to BT customers.

BT announced that the company is launching a “unique” Stadia offer to celebrate the new partnership and customers signing up for BT’s Superfast Fibre 2, Ultrafast Fibre 100 or Ultrafast Fibre 250 will get access to. Google Stadia Premiere Edition for free. Prices for the broadband plans start at £39.99 a month.

Stadia Premiere Edition, for those unfamiliar, includes a Stadia controller, Chromecast Ultra and three months access to Stadia Pro, which offers the ability to play in up to 4K/60FPS with HDR and 5.1 surround sound.

The offer will be available until the 30th of January, and from the 7th February, BT will offer Stadia Premier Edition with its Superfast Fibre 2, Ultrafast Fibre 100, and Ultrafast Fibre 250 plans.

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One response to “UK’s Biggest ISP Is Bundling Google Stadia With Its Broadband Offers”

  1. nicholas_kathrein

    This is very smart but I'm sure people here will find a way to poo poo it.