Google Updated Voice Typing to Be Smarter, but It’s Malfunctioning

Posted on February 7, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Google with 6 Comments

Google offers a lot of accessibility features on Android, and one such feature is voice typing. With voice typing, users can simply talk to their phone and with the help of text-to-speech technology, their speech gets converted to the actual text.

But a recent update to the Google app is causing the voice typing feature to malfunction. Android Police reports that Google rolled out a new update to the Google app on Android at the end of last month, which has resulted in some problems for some users.

With the new update, Google introduced some changes that allowed the voice typing feature to automatically insert punctuations as you speak. The feature is supposed to automatically start periods and commas based on your speech intelligently, but it isn’t working as expected. In the past, you would have to manually say “period” or “comma” to insert punctuations, and although that may be quite annoying, it at least worked consistently.

The automatic punctuation feature, on the other hand, is putting random periods and commas whenever you are not speaking quick enough. So every time you take a brief pause, Google automatically puts punctuation and it’s causing problems for a lot of users. Hundreds of users are complaining about the new feature on Google’s support forums, with one having more than 400 comments.

“So today I noticed for the first time that my dictation. Is breaking up. Words and making me type short sentences if I don’t speak fast enough. Basically, it’s trying to insert punctuation. Intelligently and it’s not working at all,” said one user.

This is, obviously, a major problem for those who rely completely on voice typing. Google is yet to address the problem, but it is likely the company will release a new update to either completely disable the automatic punctuations, or fix the issue on the automatic punctuations feature.  The main problem here is that Google doesn’t give users the option to disable automatic punctuations, which is simply quite inconsiderate.

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