Google Revenues Grew 41 Percent to $65 Billion

Posted on October 27, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Google with 18 Comments

It shouldn’t be possible for a company this big to grow so much in a quarter, but it happened: Google’s parent company Alphabet reported a net income of $19 billion on revenues of $65 billion. The latter is a gain of 39 percent.

“Five years ago, I laid out our vision to become an AI-first company,” Alphabet and Google CEO Sundar Pichai said. “This quarter’s results show how our investments there are enabling us to build more helpful products for people and our partners. Ongoing improvements to Search, and the new Pixel 6, are great examples. And as the digital transformation and shift to hybrid work continue, our Cloud services are helping organizations collaborate and stay secure.”

$59.9 billion of that $65 billion in revenues came from Google, and 89 percent of Google’s revenues came from advertising. The Google Cloud delivered another $5 billion in revenues, and Other Bets earned $182 million in revenues with a net loss of $1 billion.

Google ended the quarter with 150,000 employees, up from 132,000 in the year-ago quarter.

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Comments (18)

18 responses to “Google Revenues Grew 41 Percent to $65 Billion”

  1. yoshi

    I truly enjoy the products that Google gives us as consumers. But no company has ever terrified me more than them.

    • anoldamigauser

      Google products are generally excellent but they are not giving them to us...we pay in ways that make it hard to know if they are a good value, and that is part of what is terrifying.

      • ezzy

        Let's see if I can rephrase the OP a bit. "I really like Google products, but what I have to pay for them terrifies me."

        Or as others have said, "If you aren't the customer, you're the product."

    • locust_infested_orchard_inc.

      Adoogle is both an ad shafter and data trafficker.

      All your data are belong to Adoogle.

    • MTrimmer

      Facebook is their equal in that regard, perhaps even worse in some aspects. But I do think it easier to avoid using Facebook products than it is to totally avoid Google.

  2. lvthunder

    So my question is what caused the gain? Did they sell that many more ads? Did more people buy cloud services? Did they buy more Nest products? They created 22,000 jobs in a year. Yikes. I can't imagine onboarding that many new people.

    • ejuly

      Apple's ad spaces do not give ad agencies enough info to prove their worth (to their customers), so many have put more $$ into Google Adsense. Plus more ads are running on platforms like Youtube. If you watch 30 minutes of Youtube, you will get 2 minutes more ads than you get on network TV. GoogleTV also feeds numbers to networks so they put ads on youtube and google tv.

  3. skinnyjm

    So is Intel the only one so far that didn't grow last quarter?

  4. SvenJ

    Maybe this is why they can afford slimmer margins in their Play Store.

    • locust_infested_orchard_inc.

      Google halved their developer commission fees from 30% to 15% in light of South Korea passing a new law on 31st Aug, dubbed "the anti-Google law" to the Telecommunications Business Act, which shall force both Apple and Google to open up app store payments to external entities.

  5. mikegalos

    So 82% of Alphabet total revenue is from Google targeted search.

    After years of trying they're still a one trick pony totally dependant on that one monopoly subsidizing all their other loss-leader products. That's one monopoly abuse "dumping" ruling away from collapse.

  6. Donte

    "89 percent of Google’s revenues came from advertising"

    More evidence for the DOJ. Bloomberg and others are reporting the DOJ is about to drop a bomb on Google and Facebook for the advertising practices. Apparently there are multiple whistle blowers with hard evidence on how they fixe the pricing and clouded on it. Leo covered this on Sunday during the "This Week in Tech" podcast. Oddly no coverage on this site that I know of, especially with the love of Google products on this site.

    Hopefully they crack down hard on Google and Facebook.

    • locust_infested_orchard_inc.

      Indeed Google needs to be dealt with for their monopolistic behaviour.

      Fakebook, on the other hand, contrary to both Senator Elizabeth Warren desire to have it broken up, and whistleblower Frances Haugen who doesn't want it broken up, but rather desires new regulations to provide oversight and transparency, Fakebook deserves nothing but to be obliterated off the face of Earth, with Mark Zuckerberg (CEO) and Sheryl Sandberg (COO) to be tried for crimes against people's psychological well-being.

    • lvthunder

      The online ad business isn't the focus of this site. Plus it's all going to come out in court where people go to jail if they lie. So I'm happy to wait and hear about it when it goes to trial.

      • Donte

        "The online ad business isn't the focus of this site."

        Neither is the Apple App Store and programers cost to be in those stores, yet we get plenty of that here. We also get loads of other Google coverage here.

  7. ghostrider

    Big tech is getting seriously scary. Their are now a small number of super-corporations who are controlling most of the worlds data, and thus a significant percentage of the worlds population - and almost all of them are American. Just how big can these companies get I wonder? Isn't it time something was done? We all the like services they offer, but are we too dependant now?