Over 20 Google Android Apps are Getting a New Tablet UI

Posted on May 16, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Google, Mobile, Android with 2 Comments

Google is planning to give some love to some of its tablet apps. The company teased the new tablet-optimized layouts at its I/O conference last week, and today 9to5Google shared a bit more details about what to expect.

The GIF below shows the redesigned tablet UI coming to Google Maps, Google Messages, and YouTube Music. The Messages app is getting a two-column layout, something that several Google Android apps such as Gmail or Google Maps already have. The latter is also getting a revamped bottom navigation bar that fits in the left panel, 9to5Google reports.


The list of Google’s Android apps getting UI improvements on tablets includes Files by Google, Gmail, Google Home, Google TV, Google Calculator, and Google Clock. These updates will roll out over the next few weeks, but Google announced upcoming tablet improvements for third-party Android apps as well.

“We’re working with other apps to revamp their experiences this year as well, including TikTok, Zoom, Facebook and many others. You’ll soon be able to easily search for all tablet-optimized apps thanks to updates to Google Play,” Google announced last week.

As part of its various Pixel updates last week, Google also teased a new Pixel tablet that will be released in 2023. Google’s latest tablets include the 2015 Pixel C and the 2018 Pixel Slate, though the latter actually ran Chrome OS instead of Android. It’s been pretty hard for Android tablets to compete with Apple’s iPads and their much better selection of tablet-optimized apps, but Google appears to still believe in Android tablets. “We’re investing in tablets in a big way and have made updates to the interface in 12L and Android 13 that optimize information for the larger screen,” the company said last week.

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2 responses to “Over 20 Google Android Apps are Getting a New Tablet UI”

  1. Dan

    Time to clean the toilets

  2. Jogy

    Good news. Let's hope that leads to more and better Android tablets and apps for them.