The Essentials: Prepare A Run Bag (premium)


This may seem a bit odd, and maybe it’s my career choice where I live on the Internet or the fact that I travel a significant amount but one thing I always have around my house is what I call a ‘run’ bag. The reason I bring this up is that I used it this week as I had a procedure done on my, ahem, backside, to fix an issue that was the reason why I had to cancel a trip earlier this year to Kenya.

So, what is a run bag? For everyone, it will be a bit different, but for myself, it’s a digital survival kit so that I can work remotely at a moment’s notice. For example, in my bag is an extra Surface Book charger, SD card, USB drive, notebook, battery stick and iPhone cable to charge my phone, notepad, headphones and a few pens.

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