The Essentials: Adventures In Building an IoT Home (Premium)

Brad Sams

Technology allows us to be wonderfully lazy; it can make tasks that are a pain in the butt simpler and also allows me to knock the thermostat up two degrees at 6:30 a.m. so that when I crawl out of bed, the experience is a little less jarring. But, there are downfalls to this technology, and in my effort to make my home ‘smarter,' I have also come across a few issues.

The good news about the IoT segment is that no single vendor is dominating the arena, the bad news is that there are still far too many platforms that can result in you having a system of fragmented services. For examples, Philips has Hue hub, Google’s Nest has it’s own service, Apple has HomeKit, and the list goes on and on depending on the vendor.

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