Cobalt and Burgundy Surface Laptops Are Backordered

Posted on June 20, 2017 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 9 Comments

Ever since Microsoft announced the Surface Laptop and they opened pre-orders, I have been watching the configuration pages closely to see if the company would sell-through their initial allotment of devices. While during the pre-release period the shipping dates never changed, if you want a colored Surface Laptop, be prepared to wait.

According to Microsoft’s website, the burgundy device is out of stock with no time-frame for replacement and the cobalt option says it will have become available on 6/30. If you are looking for one of these machines and you don’t want to wait, your best bet is to call around to a local retailer to see what they have in stock.

It’s not all that surprising that this new device is backordered as that typically happens when any company announces a new product in a new segment. Even though Microsoft has been more cautious with filling their hardware channels ahead of a product launch after the Surface RT debacle, the Laptop was likely a safe bet.

Because of this, I suspect that they had more machines produced ahead of the release than they did with the Pro 3/4, Studio or Book seeing as this is a safer bet than what the company has released in the past. That being said, the ‘sweet spot’ for this device is the i5 model at the $1299 price point which is why I’m not all that surprised that it was the first to sell-out.

If you are looking for a Laptop, at least through the Microsoft Store, you still have the entry level models and the i7 available for purchase today and the i5 model can be found in the less desirable gold and platinum configurations.

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10 responses to “Cobalt and Burgundy Surface Laptops Are Backordered”

  1. Tony Barrett

    This is another product MS won't want to get burned on like RT. I can imagine the first run is limited, and it wouldn't surprise me - again - if they're controlling stock in the channels to make the device seem more popular than it is. Let's be honest, it's very expensive, it's very limited unless to take the Pro upgrade and it has design flaws, but MS need to show it's selling (not that they'll ever release numbers!)

  2. webdev511

    There's also the fact that this could be the first production wave & they're going to see how they do in the field before ramping up for the highly anticipated orders from schools. I sure hope they've got things covered on the long term durability front, but based on some of the early pictures (with scratches) platinum might be the safe bet.

  3. MutualCore

    It's the usual. 10 Pre-orders all sold out!

  4. bbold

    The Surface Arc Mouse (the new colors) are also "out of stock" and "backordered," I've noticed. Microsoft Store says they are due to ship more on June 30, I received an email about one I had ordered. Also, it appears as if you can't place a new order, all colors now (except the new black) say "Out of Stock" and you can't even order them. Best bet: Try a retailer, such as Best Buy, who appears to be taking orders still for a June 30 ship date.

  5. mortarm

    >...if you want a colored Surface Laptop...

    Or should hat be, "laptop of color"? ;)

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