Looking for a Burgundy or Cobalt Surface Pen? You’ll Need To Wait A Little Longer

Posted on July 12, 2017 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 5 Comments

If you have been looking to buy a new Surface pen that isn’t the vanilla silver to match your new Surface Laptop, you have been out of luck as the device has been out of stock since it was released. Having been asked several times about when the peripheral would become available, I pinged Microsoft for an answer.

The company says that pen won’t be available until later this summer but did not provide an exact timeline for its release. To be clear, you can buy the updated pen in silver but the more desirable color options are not currently available.

While I would argue that the pen is better suited for the Pro or the Book, I do know some who have the Laptop that are clamoring for a matching pen. If you have an older surface with a pen, that peripheral will work until the color matching version ships if you are dying to get your doodle-on.

Other than that, that’s about it for the Surface peripherals but maybe one day we can dream about getting a Surface Dial in burgundy too.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Looking for a Burgundy or Cobalt Surface Pen? You’ll Need To Wait A Little Longer”

  1. MerlinE.

    Later this Summer means Fall...

  2. matsan

    Hopefully The "Surface Pen Manufacturing Plant" is still operational...

  3. Jason Lakes

    Issues like these, while arguably largely insignificant, seem to typify the uncoordinated messaging and actions surrounding all that Microsoft does of late. I've received two delay notifications for shipment on my Cobalt Surface Arc Mouse, citing "inventory delays". I think it is a reasonable assumption that anyone who is buying color-coordinated accessories for their Surface device (Pro 2017 in my case) expected to be able to obtain them day-and-date with the device itself. I'd really like to know what the thinking was behind this (if there was any) or what the actual problem is that has delayed the color-matched peripherals. I know the Cobalt and Burgundy Surface Arc Mice exist at least, as they have several of them on display and in-use at my local Microsoft Store.

  4. LordPhantom

    I can't even order the silver one, so I can't hand my SP4 onto the next generation. Come on Microsoft, what's the story?

  5. jcalamita

    Bought the WACOM Pen for my pro.. might not be as good as the new pen, but an improvement over the old. Also paired it with the Brydge keyboard/dock and the pro has become an awesome 2-1.