Hands On: Asus NovaGO with Snapdragon 835

Posted on December 5, 2017 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 19 Comments

Today is the day many Windows fans have been waiting for, the announcement of ARM-based Windows laptops. Asus pulled back the covers on its new NovaGo laptop and I was able to spend a little bit of time with the device.

Specs include up to 8GB of RAM, up to 256 Gb of storage, 13.3in display and support for gigabit LTE. But the real deal here are the claims of 20hrs of battery life and 30 days of standby; not holding my breath here but I’ll remain an optimist until we can fully test the hardware.

In use, the machine felt snappy but not fast. What I mean is that for browsing the web, checking and sending email, and other similar tasks, this machine will handle those tasks easily. But I don’t believe that high-end tasks like video and photo editing will run well on this type of hardware and with a starting price of $599, it’s going to compete with low-end Intel chips which appears to have roughly the same level of performance.

The laptop itself felt like it had solid build quality but the HP that I played with earlier in the day was definitely more premium in the materials department. That being said, the NovaGo, based on my initial impressions, appears to be a good entry-level type machine.

Having now played with two different ARM-based devices, I do believe some of Microsoft’s hype from earlier in the year that this type of hardware will be a big win for Windows. Of course, these devices all use the Snapdragon 835 chip and announced on stage after the unveiling of this new device was the better, faster, and more secure Snapdragon 845.

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Comments (19)

19 responses to “Hands On: Asus NovaGO with Snapdragon 835”

  1. RobertJasiek

    Brad, what will be more secure about Snapdragon 845?

  2. MikeCerm

    These battery life claims are totally bogus. There's quite a few Chromebooks out there with ARM processors, and they all get 8-12 hours of battery life -- not really any better than Core-M or Braswell. I expect the Snapdragon 835 to be a bit better than the no-name 28nm A72 chips in ARM Chromebooks, but not THAT much better when a 13" screen it the real battery drain.

  3. Pbike908

    Imagine a Chromebook with Android Google Play store on this hardware....

  4. pachi

    Wonder how it will compare to a Core M in just general usage. My core M tablet performs okay, but also gets less than 2 days of standby, so this would be a huge win!

    But still hard to be thrilled that these are are already using "outdated" chips....

  5. mariusmuntensky

    DOA...tablet experience on windows 10 is at most mediocre. But it's MS were talking here...same lies as always, same pathetic behavior trying to fool users into another failed project like RT was.

  6. tboggs13

    NO VA in Spanish means "is not going". So NovaGo basically means No go go, which is probably because it is restricted to Sprint.

  7. Bats

    20 battery hours is great, but C'mon....I wasn't born yesterday. Great nonetheless.

    Whatever new technology that is being used you achieve that will be made available to Chromebooks, Macs, etc.....

    Let the reverse engineering begin!

  8. Tony Barrett

    Only MS seem to think the world wants Windows on ARM. This failed on mobile, and it failed with WinRT. Once again, MS have probably promised their 'partners' that this will be the next big thing. I'm not convinced at all. Funny how most others seem to think the same as well.

  9. Waethorn

    In what upside-down world is an entry-level machine $599USD (~$749CAD)??

    These things are a fail from start to finish.

  10. Simard57

    are these Windows 10 or Windows 10 S?

    how well does the Intel emulation work? Acceptable performance?

    • skane2600

      In reply to Simard57:

      I think it's Windows 10 S and the emulation comes after upgrading to the so-called "Windows 10 Pro". I'm not sure if reviewers were provided with the upgraded version to test the emulation.

      That's my best understanding although I could be wrong.

  11. dbonds

    Interesting naming choice as I believe "Nova" translates to spanish as "Not going". ...which could potentially make this the "Not going go" to spanish speakers. :-)