Samsung Set to Unveil Galaxy S9 Next Month, Foldable Phone in 2019

Posted on January 10, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Mobile, Android with 8 Comments

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Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S9 smartphone is set to launch next month at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The company usually unveils new upgrades to its Galaxy line at CES, which is currently happening this week in Las Vegas. But this year, the company plans to take the wraps off its next Galaxy smartphone at MWC.

Sales for the Galaxy S9 are expected to open sometime in March. As for the product itself, don’t expect to see a lot of new changes from Samsung this year. Not much of the device has leaked so far, but early rumours suggest Samsung will continue to use the Galaxy S8’s critically acclaimed design on the S9 with some minor changes. Spec wise, Samsung will go all out, as usual — no surprises there.

For next year, Samsung plans on launching its first foldable phone. Samsung Mobile’s president, DJ Koh, confirmed in an interview with ZDNet that the company’s foldable phone will launch sometime in 2019, even though the company was initially planning for a 2018 launch. The smartphone maker is currently working on improving the user-experience of the foldable phone, which is obviously going to be one of the critical parts of this product. Micrososoft’s foldable device, codenamed Andromeda, is expected to launch sometime later this year or 2019, too. Microsoft’s take on the foldable phone will potentially be more enterprise-oriented than Samsung, however.

Koh says the company will continue to push its smart assistant Bixby over the coming months and hopes to bring the assistant to all of its devices by 2020. It is expected to introduce Bixby 2.0 later this year.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Samsung Set to Unveil Galaxy S9 Next Month, Foldable Phone in 2019”

  1. dhr2018

    "the company usually unveils new upgrades to its Galaxy line at CES"

    Maybe for earlier Galaxies. The S6, S7 as well as the S8 (as the article states) were unveiled at the MWC.

    Dont know, maybe last year they announced the A series 2017 models at CES (what I know for sure that A3/A5 2017 were announced early Jan 2017, not sure about the place)

    • digiguy

      In reply to dhr2018:

      they are usually announced around (but not necessarily at) MWC, and last year S8 was announced even later than usual, end of March, because of the enhanced battery tests

      • dhr2018

        In reply to digiguy:

        Yes right, usually they have their own event the day before MWC begins.

        I was just reacting to the article which claims that Galaxies are usually unveiled at CES which is not true.

  2. red.radar


    let me remap the bixby button to the digital assistant of my choice... You have a sale

  3. mariusmuntensky

    :)) MS's foldable device will flop! What business would ever invest in another mobile/pocket device from MS that has no APPS!!! because, first of all, it needs MOBILE APPS!

    • Chris Payne

      In reply to mariusmuntensky:

      Agreed. Microsoft needs to really change the game if they want to have any sort of success here. And introducing a foldable and/or dual screen phone isn't it. Getting Android apps on Windows is not it either.

      So I hope that they've got something visionary that will change the game. I just don't know what that is... otherwise I would've invented it! And isn't that always the case? Something game changing comes along that in retrospect seems obvious. Fingers crossed for MS on that one, but their history doesn't make me optimistic.

  4. Maxpayne

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