Microsoft Brings Surface Book 2 15″ to New Markets

Posted on January 17, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Microsoft Surface with 5 Comments

Microsoft is today opening up pre-orders for the Surface Book 15-inch variant in more markets. The company initially launched the Surface Book 2 13-inch in a handful of countries, but the larger and more powerful 15-inch variant was only available in the United States.

Pre-orders for the 15-inch Surface Book 2, powered by the GTX 1060, begin in 17 new markets today — this includes the United Kingdom, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and Switzerland.

In addition to bringing the 15-inch to new market, Microsoft will be rolling out both the 15-inch and the 13-inch variant of the Surface Book 2 to more countries over the next 2 months — including Bahrain, China, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, Portugal, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates.

Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 has been a hit amongst fans and critics. The device–like many other Surface devices–isn’t cheap, with the 15-inch variant coming in at $2,499. Pre-orders are yet to open for the 15-inch Surface Book 2 in the UK, so I will be curious to see how much the device costs here — but going by recent pricing trends after Brexit, the device will likely start at £2,499. It starts at £2,349 in the UK, not too bad.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Microsoft Brings Surface Book 2 15″ to New Markets”

  1. VancouverNinja

    I am waiting on mine. Getting the 256g version and popping in a Sandisk 400Gb Micro card. Should be a game changer for me when traveling.

  2. straker135

    The 15 inch Surface Book 2 is indeed available in the Microsoft New Zealand store for configuration and pricing purposes but is listed as 'Out of Stock' so cant be ordered yet. So now we wait...

    12 hours later, 'Available to Preorder'. great now I just have to sell my car... ;-)

  3. moogleassassin

    have the 13" version. so pleased with it just stumped up the cash for the 15" version as well. 13" will now be for the wife. She is happy. Happy wife Happy life + Surface15" is a bonus.

  4. robsanders247

    Not available for pre-orders yet in the Netherlands, from the configuration page on the UK store it looks like only UK, Germany and France will get it straight-away, as those keyboard configurations can be selected. Other news sources state that the 15" Surface Book 2 will become available for pre-order in the Netherlands in March, with a delivery in early April.

  5. well17

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