How We Podcast – The Tape and Tech that Makes it Happen


When we launched First Ring Daily back in 2016, it was always our intent to properly build out all the tech needed to produce the podcast ourselves. The early days were rough as I had no idea what I was doing and launching a daily podcast is a lot more challenging than it may seem which pushed us down the road to call in some outside help from Andrew to make sure we got the content-ball rolling correctly before diving into the tech side of the equation.

On February 1st, we started producing the podcast 100% in-house which has a couple of advantages; flexibility on time when the show is recorded and the ability and to let me have 100% control over the process because I am secretly a control-freak. The downside is more work for myself as I now edit and upload every episode but with the proper workflow, that process now takes all of five minutes to complete.

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