Yes, the OnePlus 6 Will Be a Flagship Killer

Posted on April 3, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware with 26 Comments

Not too long ago, OnePlus confirmed its next flagship will come with a notch. That wasn’t too much of a surprise,  considering the fact that almost every new flagship in 2018 now includes a notch.

And today, OnePlus is confirming the main specs of the OnePlus 6. In a forum post, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau wrote about how the company is working to offer a “truly burdenless experience” with the OnePlus 6. Lau confirmed the main specs of the device, stating that it will come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chip, up to 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. In other words, it will be a flagship killer.

“Fast is not just about shorter loading times or top download speeds, any OEM can achieve high numbers in one or two metrics. Fast is about creating a lasting impression of speed and smoothness, throughout all-day use, whether you’re recording 4K video or browsing Facebook. Fast is about ensuring there is less than a 1/1000 percent likelihood of your phone freezing, even under constant heavy use. To us, it’s about setting a higher standard,” Lau penned.

With such high-end hardware and a notch, it’s obvious the OnePlus 6 will likely OnePlus’ most expensive device ever. Even though earlier rumours suggested that the OnePlus 6 will be “significantly cheaper” than Apple’s iPhone X, the device will likely still cost a lot more than OnePlus’ previous flagships, which were relatively cheaper than other flagships in the past. Like other phone makers, however, OnePlus tends to increase the price of its flagship with almost every new product, and the OnePlus 6 shouldn’t be any different.

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Comments (27)

27 responses to “Yes, the OnePlus 6 Will Be a Flagship Killer”

  1. DaddyBrownJr

    If it is like the other OnePlus phones, it wont' work on Verizon or Sprint. 49% of the US smartphone market is off the table right from the get-go. It's hard to be a "killer" with crippled hardware like that.

    • webdev511

      In reply to DaddyBrownJr:

      It would never get approved on Verizon anyway. Oh you want updates, security updates even? Well Verizon must insure that EVERY update is thoroughly tested to insure a security update that has zero influence on a device's radios doesn't impact the network.

      Just get a phone on a network that doesn't block updates and be done with it. Unless you don't care about security, then just buy a verizon branded phone and trust them to keep you secure.

    • jboman32768

      In reply to DaddyBrownJr:

      Not including a CDMA radio is not 'crippled' hardware. You just have to realise that the US market is about 12% of the global market, so the US CDMA carriers of Verizon and Sprint are actually about 6% of the market for this phone.

      Seems like a good choice not to include a power sucking CDMA radio from the 90's in their brand new flagship phone.

  2. DaddyBrownJr

    "considering the fact that almost every new flagship in 2018 now includes a notch". Excluding the iPhone X, where can I go to buy one?

  3. chrisrut

    But will it ever be Project Fi compatible? No? Never mind.

  4. bwebmasta

    I am a One Plus 5 owner and was somewhat excited about the One Plus 6. From what I have seen so far, that excitement is dissipating. Why the notch? What are the camera specs? IP68? Better resolution? Battery life? Stability?

    Ok, 845 processor, cool. All the flagships have that this year. 8GB RAM, cool, but the OP5 already has that.

    In order to be a "flagship killer" the One Plus 6 has to offer better than what the flagships offer, (S9, S9+, LG, Google, and so forth) can it at least match?

  5. GarethB

    If the cost is approaching Pixel 2, S9, or iPhone X levels, why would anyone buy it?

    The point of the 1+ phones has always been the 'affordable flagship'... not some 'killer'.

  6. curtisspendlove

    But how? No one will buy it if it has a notch, right?

  7. NextWithoutFor

    In other words, it will be a flagship killer.

    Yes, it will kill the company's previous flagship. As for unseating the real players in the market, despite OnePlus' healthy growth in the US, it has a long way to go.

  8. thisisdonovan

    The inclusion of a notch is a factor in making it the most expensive oneplus phone ever?

  9. skane2600

    Companies rushing to add a notch remind me of a restaurant company who hired the same interior designer who designed Starbucks, to design their experimental spin-off restaurant under the theory that it would become successful on that basis. It wasn't.

    IMO, there's a strong "Emperor's New Clothes" aspect to the notch.

  10. ben55124

    With Pixel 2 starting at $649, the OP5t was losing its value edge. My $400 OP3 was an amazing value, but for similar $, I would get a Pixel.

  11. Waethorn

    Still not Android One. So no, not a flagship killer.

  12. Bats

    The OnePlus 6 is going to be a flagship killer? are such a rookie Mehedi.

  13. B Mallon

    Who's flagship is it going to kill? This article is just general information without any insight. Let's see... specs... quote from CEO...clickbait title.... Waste of time.

  14. Rob_Wade

    They are saying nothing about the camera. I'm ignoring the fact that this device will be Android. But no device is a "killer" until its camera is so obviously better than the competition that there simple is no debate.

  15. mrdrwest

    Will it a flagship killer?

    I ask because, well it runs Android.

  16. LuxuryTravelled

    A flagship killer maybe - but only if the flagship is there to be killed. We might be at $1000 for an iPhone X, but if they are not selling, Apple/ or Google will have to do something in order not to be killed...

  17. dcdevito

    Killer specs, sure, but all OnePlus phones always did. They lack in network compatibility in the US, they lack good cameras, and their update track record has never been good.

    • ben55124

      In reply to dcdevito:

      Since OP3, their update track record has been better than most (i.e. Samsung). Cameras are good, but can't compete on low light.

    • bassoprofundo

      In reply to dcdevito:

      ^^THIS^^... Over the years, I've swapped over to an OPO, OP3t, and a OP5, and while I absolutely love the speed and clean interface, I lose critical features over a Samsung of the same gen. No VoLTE, HDVoice, or Wifi Calling/SMS on AT&T and a vastly inferior camera experience being chief among them, not to mention no wireless charging, Samsung Pay, S-Pen... At the end of the day, I end out crawling back to Samsung despite the cost and performance hit. :(

  18. raptor

    It's kind of hard to kill a flagship when your camera is a POS.

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