Magic Leap One Goes on Sale After Years of Wait

Posted on August 8, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Dev, Hardware with 8 Comments

Magic Leap is finally making its AR headset available for purchase. The company today opened up sales for its Magic Leap One headset, allowing developers and creators to get an early look at the company’s product.

Coming in at $2,295, developers and creators in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco, and Seattle, can try out the company’s new headset. The launch of the Magic Leap One has been much awaited, especially with the company promising so much over the past years. In other words, it has been hyped way more than it should have been, and you are likely going to be disappointed with what seems to be an early version of the product. Today’s launch of the Magic Leap Creator Edition is only meant for developers, after all.

For those interested in the specs, here’s a quick breakdown: the device is powered by a 6-core Nvidia Parker SoC, the Nvidia Pascal GPU, 8GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. The Magic Leap Creator Edition comes with a Lightwear headset, Lightpack computing pack, Control controller, and a Fit Kit to help perfectly fit the device. Customers can also add an optional fabric strap for the Lightpack, but those who want to use glasses while using the Creator Edition will be disappointed as you’ll need to purchase extra prescription lenses that aren’t yet available.

As for the experiences, Magic Leap One is shipping with a couple of AR experiences and games that creators and developers can try out as soon as they receive their unit. The product itself runs on a Linux-based Lumen OS and includes a couple of stock apps such as Magic Leap’s Helio web-browser, a holographic chat/social system, the Magic Leap World app store, a steampunk shooter game, and more.

But here is the thing — the Magic Leap One is identical to the HoloLens, a product launched two years ago. While the Magic Leap One comes with a slightly bigger field-of-view than the HoloLens, the quality of the system and the experience is similar to the HoloLens, according to the folks at The Verge, who got to try out the Magic Leap One. Magic Leap’s headset does look a lot more comfortable to use and wear than the HoloLens, though, and the consumer focus is promising — especially since Microsoft is focused more on the enterprise side of things.

Either way, both the Magic Leap One and HoloLens have a long way to go. For now, the Magic Leap One seems slightly ahead of the HoloLens. That’s likely not going to be the case for too long, though.

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