Oculus Reveals New Flagship Wireless VR Headset

Posted on September 26, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware with 3 Comments

Oculus today took the wraps off its brand new VR headset, the Oculus Quest. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the new Oculus Quest, the firm’s new wireless VR headset.

Oculus launched a cheaper version of a standalone VR headset, the Oculus Go, which went on sale for $199 earlier in the year. The Oculus Quest is essentially a more premium version of the Go, with new features like hand controller tracking. The device features positional inside-out tracking, as well as tracking for the hand controllers. Oculus first started teasing its new headset, codenamed “Santa Cruz”, a few years ago, letting developers get an early look at the platform. Like the Oculus Go, the Quest is a standalone VR headset, which means you don’t need to connect it to an external device or computer. At all.

The device will launch with 50+ games made specifically for the new hardware, offering “Rift-quality” experiences. Facebook is still quite tight-lipped about the new hardware, though the company says the new Quest headset will feature the same 1600×1400 resolution display per eye.

Oculus Quest is going to be a big step forward for VR. Facebook is promising to offer Rift-level quality on the Quest, which is a huge promise. Especially considering that the VR headset is completely wireless and standalone, it’s going to be a massive step forward for virtual reality.

The device will be available in Spring 2019 for $399.

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Comments (3)

3 responses to “Oculus Reveals New Flagship Wireless VR Headset”

  1. Ugur

    I'm at Oculus Connect (well, again tomorrow) and the thing is actually remarkably nice.

    Lightweight, robust and elevates the most affordable entry level VR with quite good 6dof tracking freedom.

  2. Tony Barrett

    The concept of VR is fine, but the technology still isn't there. Consumers aren't interested either based on sales so far. For gamers, yes, I understand the appeal, but games are still way behind the VR curve.

    VR/AR will limp along for those who've already invested or who hope to see some decent games appear, but for everyone else (ie the majority), it's dead - again. Oculus built their business around it, so it's in their interest to keep pumping out the kit, but I just can't see them doing it for much longer.

  3. Thom77

    I have the Oculus Go, and rarely touch it. All that I find it good for is watching movies on a virtual theatre. It can't even mirror your pc screen on a wired connection so i can't play ANY 2d PC games on a virtual big screen. They claimed OTG support of external SD card is coming, still not here yet. For months upon release, there were driver issues when connecting to PC's. If your controller's battery goes out, or you forget your controller, you can't even watch movies on the thing with hardwired button clicking capability. Oculus Go was touted as a stand alone device, yet needed a phone to get setup and needs a phone to pair your controllers. A couple of good games on there, but once you play them, thats it. No native android app capability (have to hack it to do that). Unit has GPS on it, like I want Facebook following me around. The Oculus Go was released HALF BAKED.

    There is 0% percent chance I will be buying this new Oculus. And this "wireless" thing is overhyped. Oculus Go was "wireless" yet I had it plugged into a power bank or an outlet a lot of the times I was using it because of the short battery life. Either your use will be restricted by the battery life, or by a wire. And why it doesnt have integrated REAL headphones instead of basically speakers by your ears is beyond me for a "wireless" device because now you need a wired headphones to not annoy those around you. most people here already know this, but this is NOT a wireless RIFT, nor a heavily upgraded GO. I cannot imagine that the games are so much improved on the Quest from the GO that it is worth it to buy it as an upgrade. and if this was a wireless RIft capable of playing Rift quality games ... why are games being "converted" for the Quest .. why cant you just access the Rift store .... because its NOT Rift quality games ... Its Rift life "experiences" as they called it.

    This device looks half baked too.

    I think we are a LONG way off from having VR headsets even remotely look and act the way we really want them to, and i even think that with the current technological capabilties (restricted by physics), we may never even get there to begin with.