From NYC: First Video Look at the new Pro. Laptop, and Headphones

Posted on October 2, 2018 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 11 Comments

We are at still at the keynote where Microsoft announced their new Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, and new headphones. While standing, quite literally outside the bathroom, I was able to record a bit of voiceover to accompany the video I shot in the hands-on area.

This is far from an exhaustive look at the new hardware but is simply intended to give a quick look at the new hardware outside of the fancy videos the company has shown off.

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Comments (11)

11 responses to “From NYC: First Video Look at the new Pro. Laptop, and Headphones”

  1. jrswarr

    1 of each please.

  2. provision l-3

    That black looks really good. Hat tip to MS for nailing it

    • locust infested orchard inc

      In reply to provision l-3:

      Black is just that, black. Whether it's coal tar black or bodacious black, it's still black.

      • robincapper

        In reply to locust infested orchard inc:

        Never say that to a painter, there are so many just blacks : )

        • locust infested orchard inc

          In reply to robincapper:

          Technically speaking true black is not a colour, for black signifies the absence of colour and is devoid of hue. When light strikes a black object, the object absorbs all of the light's wavelengths. Perception of colour is dependent on the wavelength and amount of light sent to our eyes; if no light, or very minimal light, is reflected off an object, no colour is perceived, hence black or more correctly, blackness, is observed.

          Shades of black are colours that differ slightly from pure black, having a low lightness. From photometric point of view, a colour which differs slightly from black always has low relative luminance.

          Variations of black include what are commonly termed off-black colours, which may be considered part of a neutral colour scheme, usually in interior design, hence your partially correct assertion that painters would disagree to black being just a single colour.

          My argument was Microsoft should have descriptively named the black used, similar to Apple in describing its colours. For example off-colour blacks that have been defined include, black bean, black leather jacket, black olive, café noir, Charleston green, Davy's grey, dim grey, ebony, eerie black, light black, onyx, outer space, Phthalo green, raisin black, and taupe.

          Microsoft 'back to black' is technically incorrect, and if they can take the trouble to produce a slick marketing promotional video, they should have also taken the trouble to recognise the actual off-colour black used in the new Surface.

    • mike2k

      In reply to provision l-3:
      I read it's only going to be sold in that white/grayish color, at least at release

    • mestiphal

      In reply to provision l-3:

      I would buy one in a heartbeat if it was vantablack

  3. wright_is

    The headphones look a lot like my Sony's. The cups anyway, the connection looks new, but the location and look of the controls and the overall shape of the ear cups looks very familiar. If so, the quality should be good.

  4. Raphaël Nomeron

    Brad, Paul, do you have any insight about the reasoning behind these headphones?

    • Angusmatheson

      In reply to Raphael:

      I agree. The more I think about these the more baffling. If they have a room full of audio engineers - why not a Cotana speaker? Will noise canceling earphones boost Cortana usage? I think when you need noise canceling is when you cannot use a voice Assistant. I don’t think my kid is going to give up his gaming head phones for this. No will my Audiophile brother give up his fancy headphones for this. Is it for working in an open office or cafe? Why not an AirPod clone instead?

  5. Stoicjim

    The black looks amazing but I just purchased a Surface Pro LTE (I already also own a SP2017, yikes) so I'm not upgrading anytime soon. OTOH, I have s Surface Laptop 1 that I purchased with the Surface Plus Program and am eligible to upgrade in January so I will be getting that Black SL2 when I can.