This Phone Literally Has a Second Screen Instead of a Notch

Posted on October 31, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Android, Hardware with 12 Comments

Notches, big or small, are quite annoying. On some phones, the notch isn’t too much of a distraction, but on others, it’s really going to test your patience. Although some companies have already come up with different ways to get around the notch, this latest phone is doing something completely different.

Meet the Nubia X. It’s a flagship Android phone from Chinese manufacturer Nubia that doesn’t have a front-facing camera or other sensors on the top of the device, removing the need for a notch. Instead, it has a second display on the back.

We have seen many phones with a secondary e-paper display on the back, though this one is very different. It’s an actual, full-size color display that works much like the main screen. The main purpose of the secondary display is to allow you to take selfies with the rear camera, thus removing the need for front-facing cameras for selfies. The second display essentially acts as a viewfinder on the device when you are taking selfies, and there aren’t any other use for it. Amazingly enough, though, when you turn the secondary display off, it blends into the rest of the device and you can barely see the display there. It’s very clever.

…until you want to put a case on the device, of course.

Specs wise, the Nubia X comes with a Snapdragon 845, up to 8GB of RAM, Android 8.1, and 3,800mAh battery, according to China’s TENAA. The main display of the device is a 6.26-inch LCD panel with a resolution of 2,280×1,080 pixels while the secondary display is an OLED panel with a resolution of 1,520×720 pixels, reports The Verge. You can take a closer look at the phone below:

The idea here is very interesting for sure, and although it looks really cool but it’s kind of unnecessary at the same time. Notches are eventually going to get smaller and smaller, so do we really need a full-blown secondary display on phones in place of a notch? I, for one, don’t think so.

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Comments (12)

12 responses to “This Phone Literally Has a Second Screen Instead of a Notch”

  1. ben55124

    Perhaps a mirror on the back would do the same thing?

  2. Chris_Kez

    It's a niche to be sure, but this would be great for vlogging. You get the benefit of the typically higher quality back camera while still being able to optimally frame your shots, and do things like zoom, adjust focus and correct the exposure on the fly. Of course an OEM could address these needs just by putting a better camera on the front of a regular phone as well. But hey, I like to see companies trying different ideas. ??

  3. Subhadip Sen

    Just leave a small bezel for your camera and whatnot. It's fine.

  4. HellcatM

    Also a second display seems like it would just make it easier to break. How many people have you seen with phones that have a glass back and its shattered? Now a glass back isn't as bad as having a screen on the back.

  5. harmjr

    I would buy this. I think this is smart. No need for cameras on both sides. And you using a higher resolution camera as well.

  6. chrisrut

    One might argue that having but one camera allows them to "focus" on making that single camera even better. If, in fact, they approach the problem that way.

    As for cases: I still detest them. Reminds me of when "bras" were popular accessories for Porsches... "Make them ugly in order to keep them beautiful."

    P.S. Looking at the picture, that's a very elegant design.

  7. Brazbit

    I love ditching the front cameras. Although I would put a much smaller "good enough" screen on the back rather than a full display. A 2.5 inch display could be a cutout in a case without greatly reducing the case's protective capabilities while also allowing you to frame a selfie just fine, you can review them on the main display. The full screen back display just seems like a waste that greatly increases the risk of breakage and huge drain on the battery. Great concept, flawed implementation.

  8. gregsedwards

    Love this idea. It makes a ton of sense...instead of duplicating the camera and destroying the aesthetic of the primary display, just create a secondary display on the back of the device. Say what you will about Android, the platform and its hardware partners innovate in a very practical way.

  9. yangstax

    Andromeda could borrow this concept by activating the smaller screen when the device is folded for the phone usage. The hi-res main screen is used for the unfolded tablet display.

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