Intel Will Finally Make its Big 10nm Push in 2019

Posted on December 12, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Hardware with 19 Comments

Intel today announced that it will finally move its mainstream Core and Xeon processors to a 10nm manufacturing process. The new chipset family, dubbed Sunny Cove, will debut in 2019, the firm says.

Details of the plan are still vague, since Intel is disclosing the new roadmap as I write this at its annual Intel Architecture Day event. But given the company’s struggles in moving to a more efficient processor architecture, and the many delays it has experienced in trying to do, this is of course big news.

Sunny Cover won’t actually be Intel’s first 10nm chipset: Its Cannon Lake CPUs, currently limited to a Core i3 model, have been shipping in very low volumes all year. But Sunny Cove marks Intel’s big push to the more efficient chipset design, and it will apply across all of its mainstream chipsets.

The first Core-branded Sunny Cove chips are expected in late 2019, Intel says. These will be followed up by Willow Cove, with its redesigned cache, security features, and transistor optimization, in 2020. And then Intel plans to debut the Golden Cove chipset family in 2021, adding improved single-threaded and machine learning performance, plus 5G-optimized networking. The Xeon versions of Sunny Cove may not debut until 2020.


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