Xiaomi’s Potential New Foldable Phone Looks Slick

Posted on January 3, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware with 12 Comments

2019, like it or not, is going to be a year of foldable phones, phablets, or whatever we end up calling these devices. Samsung has already teased its foldable phone, with Microsoft also expected to launch its much-awaited Andromeda foldable device sometime this year.

And that’s not all — as it turns out, Xiaomi is also working on a foldable phone. The company has been rumoured to be working on a foldable device in the past, and this is the first time we are getting a first look at the potential Xiaomi foldable phone. Spoiler: it looks really cool.

Unlike Samsung’s foldable phone, the Xiaomi device can actually be folded twice. The device seems to have three different parts: the main/central screen, one on the left, and another on the right — both of which you can fold to only focus on the main screen:

But here’s the catch: the leaker, Evan Blass, says he is unsure of the authenticity of the video above, supposedly showing off the new foldable device made by Xiaomi. It is possible the video is just a fake, which would make a ton of sense as the device honestly looks a bit too good to be true. And if it is, Xiaomi might just have a solid looker here.

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Comments (12)

12 responses to “Xiaomi’s Potential New Foldable Phone Looks Slick”

  1. rancoras

    Insert WestWorld comment here...

  2. Thom77

    Form factor is wrong. I've been screaming about this since the first renditions and leaks and reveals of foldable phones.

    When I take the bus or train, I see people using their phones for 2 things mostly.

    texting and watching videos. the rest are web browing, but that is last on the list.

    a foldable phone should unfold to a movie watching ratio.


    Nothing aggravates me more then watching a movie on the beautiful screen of the 9.7 Ipad, and having 66% of the screen unused because of the screen ratio (this is why I bought a wide android tablet). Its even worse on the 12.9 Ipad.

    dont get me wrong. I want something like this ... but I want it because i want a small phone to carry around that unfolds into a movie watching device. I see more people watching video on their phones then browsing when they are going back and forth to work on the train.

    • SupaPete

      In reply to Thom77: sorry, but speak for yourself on that. The only cases when i want a widescreen aspect ratio is when the screen is super large (so that it actually fills ones field of view fully at reasonable distance) or when it is regular phone usage phone size (so one can grip it better one handed).
      In all other cases/sizes i FAR prefer screens which are not widescreen format because screens which are not widescreen format are better for every other use case (more usable screen estate) other than watching movies, and for that one exception, well, one gets black bars at top and bottom, not the end of the world.

      The video shows very well how even just something like looking at a map benefits from more usable screen estate (which is further enhanced thanks to the aspect ratio)

      • Rob_Wade

        In reply to SupaPete: Well, I don't find anything particularly attractive or useful in these concepts anyway. I don't watch movies on my phone. For me, watching movies is a ridiculous endeavor on anything less than a 12" screen, and even then it's not great. There's just nothing enjoyable about the experience below that. And this goes double for anything productive like Office apps. I carry a smartphone to A) communicate by voice with people, B) communicate by text/email with people, C) keep up on social networking, D) listen to music and, in emergencies, E) edit documents. And any smartphone I use MUST easily fit in a pocket of regular clothing. I don't want a stupid belt clip or to bust the seams of my clothing or to have to carry the thing around in my hand all the time. When I need to be more productive or be more entertained that's what my Surface Pro is for.

  3. provision l-3

    I'm curious how the whole folding display thing will work out. To me being able to expand the screen size for certain tasks has some obvious advantages but I think the real challenge is keeping the from factor thin when it is folded up. It does't have to be "Apple thin" but I still needs to be able to reasonably fit into a person's pocket.

  4. Byron Adams

    I'm only interested in a dual kind of screen in which I could read a web/book or watch video tutorial and take notes on the other screen.

  5. rkpatrick

    My first reaction is "Oh, great, another curved screen - useless neato tech", but looking at the video, it immediately solves my #1 gripe with smartphones - the screensize is wholly inadequate for today's usage patterns (a mini PC, with a ton of apps and - groan - a keyboard). A tablet that can fold into a phone is pretty useful IMO.

  6. dontbe evil

    looks slick photoshopped

  7. Necron

    Way better than samsung’s nonsence

  8. Rob_Wade

    "Solid looker"? It's a bad video in a completely dark room. I'm not impressed in the least. Particular by how it folded. The image looked horrible on the edges to be sure.