Spotify’s In-Car Music Player Reportedly Launching Later This Year

Posted on January 18, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware with 25 Comments

Spotify has been rumored to be working on its first hardware for a while, and that device could be coming out sometime soon. According to a new report from The Financial Times, the company’s upcoming in-car music player will launch later this year.

The new in-car music player will allow users to directly play Spotify on their car without having to connect to an external device like their phone. It will also allow them to use their voice to control playback, which could allow for much safer driving.

The device is reportedly going to be priced around $100, which seems like a fair price. But Spotify might launch a new subscription plan that costs $12.99 a month for a 12-month contract that will give users access to Spotify Premium and the new in-car player for free, reports The Verge. The device includes physical buttons that let you control playback, but the main input is voice commands.

Spotify has recently introduced a new Car View mode for Android users that allows for easier music playback control when you are driving. The new in-car player could turn out to be a huge success for the company if marketed properly, and people who don’t have high-end cars that come with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto could find this incredibly useful. I mean, having to connect via Bluetooth everytime you get in your car, or even putting the AUX cable in is kind of annoying, so having something that’s always a voice command or a click away is actually very clever on Spotify’s part.

I really hope this is not a United States-only product, though.

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