Samsung’s Latest Apple Watch Competitor Actually Looks Decent

Posted on February 4, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware with 11 Comments

Samsung has been competing with Apple and others in the smartwatch market for a while. The company’s products, however, have never really caught the eyes of people. They were bulky, and simply too weird to look at for a watch that you would actually want to wear every day.

That might change with the company’s upcoming Galaxy watch, reports 91Mobiles. Dubbed the Galaxy Watch Sport, Samsung’s newest smartwatch actually looks really sleek. The device seems to have a curved display and no rotating bezel like its predecessors. The thin profile of the device seemingly gives it a much more of a premium look, with two buttons on the side that you’ll likely need to use to interact with the software.

Talking about the software, it’s likely Samsung is going to introduce some major changes to that, which is powered by its own Tizen OS. Due to the lack of the rotating bezel, Samsung will likely change the primary way users navigate throughout the OS on the smartwatch. It will also apparently be the first smartwatch to include a new Bixby Reminders feature.

Samsung is looking to focus on the fitness market with the Galaxy Sport, with sensors for sleep monitoring, step counting, activity tracker, a heart rate monitor, and GPS. The device will likely compete with the Apple Watch and Fitbit, though it will still lack a major feature Apple introduces with the Series 4 Apple Watch: ECG.

The new Galaxy Sport is expected to launch alongside the new Samsung Galaxy S10 line later this month.

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Comments (11)

11 responses to “Samsung’s Latest Apple Watch Competitor Actually Looks Decent”

  1. rm

    Unless you love Bixby, stay away unless you can change to something else that you want.

  2. Bats

    What Mehdi? 

    Samsung watches were bulky? No they were/are not. All recent Samsung Galaxy watches all looked normal and regular.What the He** are you talking about (lol). LOL...what Galaxy watch have you been seeing?

    This watch that you say is "decent" looking is plain as heck. It's circular with a all the latest Galaxy watches and watches in general. 

    What makes this watch or any watch stand out is not the body or the band. Again, it's not the body or the band. Rather,'s the face. Nobody comes up to you and say "WOW....that watch is so circular/square" or "WOW....nice leather strap." It's all face. 

    This reminds of the time when the Moto 360 was the "WOW" watch. When I took a closer look at it, it was cheap as heck. I ended up buying the stainless steel Huawei watch and all kinds of straps (to match my belt color) and constantly change the watch face to match my shirt. 

    Dude, man......(lol) need to checkout Youtube and watch some style videos.  

  3. soundersfan

    They had my interest until they said Bixby. Bixby is a non-starter for me. I've filed off the button on the case I have for my S8+ so I can't possibly press it. I also disabled the button in settings. Guess what, the dumb thing still manages to come up and annoy me from time to time.

    • IanYates82

      In reply to SoundersFan:

      Yeah, I agree. I don't need Bixby doing things. I tried it. I tried Cortana on my Galaxy S8 too.

      Google assistant "just works". And with Google Home throughout my house now, I really don't need a different assistant.

      I also assume that apps with companion software for Android Wear / Wear OS won't automatically work on this. I've got a TicWatch now which is working fine and runs Wear OS. It's got Wunderlist (no ToDo yet?), Outlook, Skype, etc. Are these things all available on Tizen too?

  4. BrianEricFord

    To the premium commenter who answers “why round” with “because watches are round” — this is a bad take.

    Watches are round because they feature hands which travel in a circle as the primary interface.

    Any designer who fees constrained by that tradition when moving to a device that is only called a watch because it is worn on your wrist should lose his or her job.

  5. bsd107

    How’d they get it running Cortana on the watch face?

  6. ivarh

    The problem with the galaxy watch is the thickness. When I wear it, it gets to easily stuck on the edge of my pants pockets when I am trying to fish out an item. 

  7. clive rennie

    I love my Galaxy watch all 2 of them so i dont know why you call them big and bulky i also have the apple watch and i alternate between both best of both worlds to each his own.

    • SenorGravy

      In reply to cliveren13: I have a Gear S3 Classic and an Apple Watch series 4. I actually prefer the S3. Hate that the new ones don't have the MST feature. IMHO, that was the best feature of the watch.