Samsung’s Bixby-Powered Galaxy Home Smart Speaker Launching This April

Posted on February 21, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware with 6 Comments

Last year, Samsung announced it will be getting into the smart speaker market with its own smart speaker, the Galaxy Home. At the time, details about the speaker were not revealed, and Samsung also didn’t say exactly when the speaker will be available for purchase.

And now, the company has confirmed that the Galaxy Home will go on sale sometime this April. In an interview with CNET, Samsung’s co-CEO DJ Koh confirmed the company’s launch plans.

Feature-wise, there isn’t a lot to differentiate the Galaxy Home from other smart speakers. It has a unique look to it, but the rest of the experience is pretty much the same. You are getting six built-in speakers and a subwoofer, as well as eight far-field microphones.

The device will come with Spotify integration and sound from Samsung’s own AKG. The device features an immersive sound experience that “intuitively moves a wave of sound directly toward you when you ask it to”, and it’s apparently the “only AI speaker” to do so.

Galaxy Home will also act as a SmartThings hub, so you will be able to use the smart speaker to control all your smart house devices. But then again, the entire device is powered by Bixby, and so far the personal assistant hasn’t really received a good reception from customers on Samsung’s Galaxy phones.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Samsung’s Bixby-Powered Galaxy Home Smart Speaker Launching This April”

  1. scrooge mcduck

    How many Smart Speakers does the world need?

  2. navarac

    A bit late to the party I think (I disabled Bixby on my Galaxy S8+).

  3. wolters

    I totally understand why Samsung hasn't abandoned Bixby but if they are going to keep it around, they need to invest it. They just kind of release it and let it sit there until a big release like yesterday or when the Note 10 comes out. They touted it being on the excellent Galaxy Watch but it truly isn't Bixby. It is S-Voice renamed. And it is horrible.

  4. Hoomgar

    I'm kind of digging the look of this one.  It is more stylish than most.

  5. red.radar

    I am tired of speakers.

    Ambient computing is over-rated.


    It doesn't solve a problem but stroke a senseless gadget fetish.