OnePlus Alarms Some Users With Gibberish Push Notifications

Posted on July 1, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware with 2 Comments

Earlier today, those with a OnePlus 7 Pro, started getting some alarming push notifications. The company sent out two separate push notifications, one in English, and one in Chinese. Both the notifications were gibberish, and they didn’t mean anything at all.

But of course, if you randomly received such notifications from an official OnePlus app, you’d be concerned. And OnePlus users were kind of worried, too. Some even thought that OnePlus was hacked.

That, thankfully, wasn’t the case.

OnePlus quickly acknowledged the mistake, stating that it had mistakenly sent out a notification to OnePlus 7 Pro users around the world as part of an internal state. It later shared a slightly more detailed explanation, where it reassured users that none of their personal data was affected and that nothing was hacked.

“The push messages occurred while the OxygenOS team was conducting a software test for the upcoming Android Q system update. Due to an error during the testing process, we accidentally pushed a routine test message to some of our OnePlus 7 Pro OxygenOS users,” OnePlus said. “The notification push function is designed mainly as a survey tool to help us better understand our users’ feedback and to further improve the user experience, and is based on the Google FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) Protocol. Therefore, we want to reassure that this incident does not indicate any risks for your personal data,” the company explained.

This obviously isn’t a very big deal, but I can see why it could really concern some users. Either way, OnePlus says it will take actions to ensure that this doesn’t happen again in the future.

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Comments (2)

2 responses to “OnePlus Alarms Some Users With Gibberish Push Notifications”

  1. Byron Adams

    It's not true that the Chinese doesn't mean anything. It means this:

    ha ha ha ha ha ha....

    and ha ha ha ha ha...

    Someone is laughing.