Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Axes the Headphone Jack

Posted on July 12, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware with 19 Comments

The rumors are true. Samsung is, indeed, getting rid of the headphone jack with the next Galaxy Note device.

We got our first real look at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 just earlier this week, and suffice to say it features a really beautiful design on the outside. The leaked renders of the device showed off the two different sizes of the device, as well as the vertical three-camera setup on the back. But what it didn’t confirm was whether the device will have a headphone jack or not.

And now, the FCC has mistakenly leaked pictures of the Note 10 that was supposed to be kept confidential. The images, now pulled, were spotted by XDA, and they give us a front and a rear view of both the device:

And if you look closely, you will see that there is no headphone jack on the device at all. Samsung has been one of the few companies to have stuck around with the headphone jack, but it seems like the company is getting ready to axe the headphone jack with the Note 10. Besides that, the device’s design does look incredibly sleek from the very low-quality pictures above.

Samsung will probably carry that change over to the Galaxy S11 too, but to be honest it was about time considering every other phone maker have already gotten rid of the headphone jack.

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Comments (19)

19 responses to “Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Axes the Headphone Jack”

  1. dontbe evil

    "Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 Axes the Headphone Jack"

    "Apple innovate removing the legacy headphone jack #courage"

  2. kherm

    I'm due for an upgrade soon, time to start looking at other brands.

  3. shahir404

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  4. dstrauss

    Amazing how they mock Apple for a couple of years, then become "me too" - is the notch next...

  5. Fuller1754

    That's as lame as that black circle marring the top of the screen. Fortunately, I'm not obsessed enough to spend much more than $300 on a phone, and plenty of the more economical phones still have audio output and unobscured displays.

  6. SAPaleAle

    I travel a lot and on more than one occasion I have forgotten my corded earphones but have always been able to buy a cheap set at the airport for the trip. I have got to the stage where I have earphones permanently in each suitcase/backpack I use when doing trips. I would have to get an adapter for each bag. If I put wireless in each bag what are the chances they are still charged when I may not use them for 6-12 months. Yes I will be staying with the current s10+ for a while. Also just because "every other phone maker have already gotten rid of the headphone jack." is not a valid reason to make the change Samsung up until this point had differentiated itself by offering a headphone jack but now it is become just another manufacturer creating phones that are just starting to become clones of each other.

  7. thisisdonovan

    It's about time they removed the headphone jack? Why? Because other companies have removed it?

  8. digiguy

    removing the jack with no equivalent alternative is stupid. Fortunately for me the S10e is a great phone and can last many many years

  9. ahassall

    I like to use my wired Apple headphones with my Note 8 when I need to use the phone hands free. I can't keep track of a bluetooth earpiece and am even worse at keeping it charged. I got a really great deal when I upgraded from my Note 5 almost 2 years ago. I am looking forward to having my phone paid off and have no plans to upgrade to the Note 10. My Note 8 has a crack in the screen that it got after I had it for one month. I will use the insurance to get another one and hopefully it will last for another two years. It does more than I need it to do and can't afford to shell out another $1000 for a phone that does pretty much the same thing.

  10. shahir404

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