Microsoft’s New Surface with ARM Chip Leaks, Along With new Laptop and Pro

Posted on September 30, 2019 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 26 Comments

We are a few days away from Microsoft’s Surface event but the party is getting started a little bit early. Images of the new Surface tablet with an ARM chip, two new laptops, and the updated Pro, have found their way to the web.

The new device that is likely to gain the most attention, images come from @evleaks, is the new Surface tablet that has an ARM chip inside. You can clearly see that it has thinner bezels, two USB-C ports, and the overall profile of the device is much thinner, based on the images, than a traditional Surface Pro.

As you would expect with a Surface device, the hardware will support a pen that has an updated design. And there is also a new Type cover as well, that will round out the device to have a similar form and function as a Surface Pro but with an ARM chip inside.

Other items that are on the agenda are updated Surface Laptops. From the images, you can see that the larger device does not have Alcantara on the keyboard. In addition, look for USB-C to be making its way to the Laptop as well.

For the Surface Pro 7, there are new colors but the bigger update is that the device now has USB-C along with a Type-A port. And of course, expect updated internals as well.

And finally, there will be new accessories announced including a new Arc touch mouse in various matching colors, a new pen dock that will be used to recharge the device, and new colors for the company’s mobile mouse; you can find more images of the device from @evleaks twitter feed.

This is a sizable leak of the hardware ahead of Microsoft’s keynote this week. Not uncovered is the heavily anticipated Centarus device or any updates to Windows that have been rumored as well. While this leak gives us an early look at the hardware, I suspect Microsoft may have a few more tricks up their sleeve.

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Comments (26)

26 responses to “Microsoft’s New Surface with ARM Chip Leaks, Along With new Laptop and Pro”

  1. martinusv2

    Did someone forgot to close his laptop at Microsoft? ;)

  2. ChrisKal

    Surface 7 is looking really compelling right now. I guess we'll see if the limitations of Windows on ARM totally hamstring this thing or not, but I'm hopeful.

    But then again, I bought Surface RT and Surface 2, so I don't make the best bets.

  3. Thom77

    Oh look, a Surface RT 2.

    Will it have Windows 10 S Lite Enhanced Home Pro Arm Edition?

    "From the images, you can see that the larger device does not have Alcantara on the keyboard."

    Good. Go into a Best buy and see how dirty those things are. I would of thought about buying the Surface Laptop back when I was in the market, but that fabric stuff really put me off.

    Now I'm waiting for reduced bezels Surface Go leak.

  4. ianbetteridge

    I’m really hoping the keyboard cover doesn’t only lie flat like that, and that it clicks up on to the bottom of the screen in the same way as the Surface Pro does to give it an angle.

    One of the worst things about the Pixel Slate is the flatness of the keyboard, and the way it makes it less stable on a lap. This looks from the render that it’s replicating that, and if so it’ll be a horrible experience.

  5. jwpear

    Looks like I'm in for a disappointment, but here's my wish list:

    • A new Surface Display without the Surface Studio PC components.
    • Updated Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID--one that doesn't sleep so aggressively, can reconnect as fast as the Surface Ergo Keyboard, and has switches to connect to multiple devices.
    • Updated Surface Ergo Keyboard that has fingerprint ID, rechargeable batteries, and can connect to multiple devices.
  6. digiguy

    I am afraid that with the thinner bezels you cannot attach the type cover to the bottom bezels anymore, making it even less lappable... Guess we will discover soon

  7. PeterC

    I'm really interested to see how this years MS hardware event will cut through amongst all the Industries mobile product releases.

    Im struggling to get excited about surface hardware running win 10 as the main basis of the event, USB-C or not. If Centaurus is used to launch Core OS/Modern OS for 2020, then it does get exciting.... and maybe Core OS will be available much sooner to try, maybe on exisiting surface pro/laptop etc.... I suspect the problem software components for Core OS that have been mentioned previously by Brad and Paul relate to the unique "folding nature" of centaurus and as such standard non-folding kit could run Core OS sooner?.. maybe...I'd certainly give it a run out on my surface pro.

    One Guess ive been chewing over: I have been wondering if they've got a ROM update for the Galaxy note 10 series...…… an after market Surface mobile ROM... one click install etc..... Totally possible in my opinion and could open up a market to other specific devices, probably just Samsung ones though, but who knows.

    Please don't just be hardware release/revisions on win 10..... the hardware needs better software in my opinion.

  8. RobertJasiek

    Do Win 32 / 64b software and drivers run on Surface / ARM at all and fluently?

    Does Windows prevent accidental clicks due to thin bezels by - eventually and optionally - using virtual bezels in Windows requiring a first touch after a period of non-touching to be in the middle of the display?

    Since advertisements compete with iPads, will Surfaces actually compete with iPads (*) by

    • 2% (*) reflectance or even much smaller (matte would be best),
    • initial battery duration of 10h (*) or much longer indoors (ca. 150 nits) for surfing via WLAN,
    • initial battery duration of 5.5h (*) or much longer outdoors (maximum brightness) for surfing via WLAN,
    • battery replacement easily possible (best with introduced standard battery formats for tablets) or available as a service for EUR 30 ~ 110 (*) with the price being preannounced before purchase (*) of a Surface and guaranteed for at least 5 (*) (better 7) years?
  9. codymesh

    The ARM Surface looks good, but...what makes Windows on ARM more ready now than before? Are the ARM chromium browsers ready?

  10. docpaul

    I tried not to let myself get too excited about seeing Centaurus this time, but I wasn't successful. And now I'll be fairly disappointed if this is it.

    I'll still be happy though if they have a lower cost / better graphics AMD pro or laptop.

    And I am curious to see if they can get me to care about an ARM Surface.

  11. sgbassett

    Will there be any incompatibilities between Windows on ARM and Windows on Intel? Will all the same applications, even older ones, run on ARM? If so, how well?

    I’d hate to buy a Surface 7 and learn afterward that it won’t run some obscure program that I need.

  12. SvenJ

    Maybe I can load whatever is on that ARM thing onto my Lumia 2520. That would probably make a nice device. ;)

  13. emanon2121

    It's kind of crazy how stale the Surface Pro design has gotten. I can't wait for the full redesign.

  14. nordyj

    I'm hoping for something with 32GB of RAM... but I'm not holding my breath. I'd love a Surface powerhorse. I just don't think it's going to happen.

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