Microsoft Launches Surface Pro X With New Ultra-Thin Design, Slim Pen, Type Cover

Posted on October 2, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Microsoft, Microsoft Surface, Mobile with 28 Comments

Microsoft is finally introducing a new design for the Surface Pro line. After years of the classic Surface Pro design, Microsoft is finally moving forward with a new design and it’s actually really pretty. Put simply, Surface Pro has never looked this beautiful.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro X is the next-gen of Surface Pro. It’s a 13-inch device with an edge-to-edge PixelSense display, with a resolution of 2880×1920 pixels and 267 PPI. The device is incredibly thin at only 5.3mm and weighs only 774 grams. The design of the device is really sleek as you can see from the pictures above, and Microsoft’s also making a number of changes to the hardware with the new Surface Pro X.

Surface Pro X is powered by a new Microsoft SQ1 processor, with LTE Advanced connectivity. The SQ1 chipset is a custom chipset built by Microsoft for the Surface Pro X, built on a Snapdragon ARM processor. The SQ1 apparently offers more power (exactly 7-watts of power) than usual ARM chips, and Microsoft worked with Qualcomm to enhance GPU performance, with the Pro X offering 2 teraflops of graphics performance. The Surface Pro X is also the first Windows PC ever to ship with an integrated AI engine. All in all, the Pro X features 9 teraflops of computing power.

Oh, and, Microsoft’s finally introducing Type-C on the Surface line, with two USB 3.2 Type-C ports on the Surface Pro X. There’s also a new pen for the Surface Pro X: the Surface Slim Pen. It has almost the same functionality as the regular Surface Pen, with 4,096 pressure points, but it now features a slimmer design and can be recharged. Surface Slim Pen will be sold separately, though, and it can be stored on the new Type Cover keyboard of the Surface Pro X.

Yep, there’s indeed a new keyboard — say hello to the Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard. It’s almost the same Type Cover as the regular Surface Pro devices, but it includes a storage area where you can dock the new Surface Slim Pen for it to charge. And yes — you can close the device while the Pen is inside, which is pretty cool.

Inside the Surface Pro X, there’s up to 16GB of LPDDR4x RAM, and up to 512GB of SSD storage. In terms of the battery, Microsoft is promising up to 13 hours of battery life with fast charging capability. There’s an 11MP autofocus camera on the back, 5MP full HD camera on the front, and audio from Dolby Atmos.

Surface Pro X will be available for pre-order today, starting at $999. It will be available on November 5.

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Comments (28)

28 responses to “Microsoft Launches Surface Pro X With New Ultra-Thin Design, Slim Pen, Type Cover”

  1. mclark2112

    I moved from the Surface 5 to the Lenovo X1 Tablet Gen 3, which was a huge step up in reliability, and a bigger screen. But this could bring me back... Can't wait for the review.

  2. derylmccarty

    Check under the "hood" (lap stand) and see if there is an SDXC slot please.

  3. evox81

    "edge-to-edge display" Right up to the "edge" of the large bezels.

    For the record I'm fine with the display as it is. But I wouldn't call it an edge-to-edge display.

  4. MikeCerm

    Why the heck would you want a 7-watt ARM CPU? Intel has perfectly fine chips that use 7W and perform at least as well as this CPU will. So what's the point? A better performance target would have been to hit Pentium "Gold" Gemini Lake performance levels at 2 watts, so you can actually get all-day battery life out of your thin-and-light tablet.

    Also, USB-C is great, but they fact that it's running ARM means you won't be able to do things like connect an external GPU, which kind of stinks.

    • digiguy

      In reply to MikeCerm:

      They should have just made it slightly less thin and put a bigger battery inside. Crazy marketing choices...

    • codymesh

      In reply to MikeCerm:

      "A better performance target would have been to hit Pentium "Gold" Gemini Lake performance levels"


      you people are cute.

    • paradyne

      In reply to MikeCerm:

      He said 3x the performance per watt of the Pro 6 with Intel. That's a 15 watt processor so divide by roughly 2 to get the 7w performance and then multiply by 3 gives you (rough guesstimate I know) 1.5x the performance of say an i5 Surface Pro 6. Which blows the Pentium line out of the water. I await some benchmarks and videos of it in action but I'm guessing they've made something that really is in line with Surface Pro performance and not Surface Go performance, yet with even longer battery life, a bigger higher res screen, LTE as standard too.

      Impressive stuff.

      Maybe what you're talking about will come in a Surface Go 2?

  5. RobertJasiek

    13h battery life for what - videos(?) - means 6h for regular use indoors and 3h outdoors. ARM is not compelling with such limited battery life, unless you can live with the promised 80% recharged in 1h and prefer thin design over large battery.

  6. RussDW

    Is the Surface Pro X fanless?

  7. dontbeevil

    I'm gonna love to use all the UWPs on this device, like the latest adobe fresco, and don't forget to follow the UWP sessions at MS ignite

  8. sammibulin

    Hey Mehedi, are you sure the pen doesn't wirelessly charge? Panos said when it was within the keyboard it would be "always charging."

    • MikeGalos

      In reply to Sammibulin:

      No. It charges because it's in its storage dock in the keyboard which means it doesn't NEED the additional power drain and heat from wireless charging since it's already stowed in a known position.

      Mehedi is right that it isn't wireless. What he's missing is that wireless would be a really bad design choice here.

      • SvenJ

        In reply to MikeGalos: 1: Where does Mehedi say it isn't wireless? He just notes it is rechargeable.
        2. This appears to be the same pen stuck to the back of the Neo, where it charges, wirelessly. Seems to be wireless charging.
        3. Wireless might be a bad idea, but likely not worse that some alternatives, stuck in a UCB-C port, connection points that would tarnish over time, proprietary cable, as yet unavailable replaceable battery, AAAAA? ....

  9. pesos

    where the heck is the preorder? PP said all devices are available to preorder "now" but can't see anything on the ms site...

  10. SWCetacean

    I did not watch the presentation, so I need to ask: is the X in the name pronounced like the letter X, or "ten", or something else?

  11. siv

    Any news on which O/S it's running?

  12. incobac

    I have a surface pro x and i think design must be better in touch user experience.

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