This Is Microsoft’s Dual-Screen Surface Device

Posted on October 2, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Microsoft, Microsoft Surface with 19 Comments

It’s (almost) here. Microsoft’s much-awaited dual-screen Surface device was just revealed by the company at its New York event. Along with the new Surface Pro 7, Surface Pro X, and the Surface Laptop 3, Microsoft today revealed the new dual-screen Surface device: the Surface NeoIt was internally known as Centaurus at Microsoft, and we have actually been writing about it for a long while.

Spoiler alert: the device is not ready yet, but it will be ready for Holiday 2020.

The device features a very complicated hinge design that allows you to fold the device and use it either as a single screen or use both the screens at the same time. Each side of the device is 5.6mm thin, it’s apparently the “thinnest LCD” that’s ever been created. It features a 9-inch display that, when unfolded, can turn into a 13-inch device.

The device is powered by Intel’s Lakefield processor. Microsoft and Intel worked together to reduce the size of the processor to make it thinner and fit it into the Surface Neo.

Microsoft’s new Surface device is powered by Windows 10X, the company’s new OS for these new kinds of devices. Windows 10X offers an improved interface that suits the dual-screen behaviour of the device perfectly, giving it a gorgeous look. You can work on two different apps on both the screens, and it includes loads of gestures that let you organise the apps wherever you want.

Surface Neo even comes with an actual hardware keyboard that lets you turn the device into an actual laptop, without needing you to type on the display. There isn’t a trackpad, though.


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