Motorola’s Razr Returns As a Foldable Android Phone

Posted on November 14, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Hardware, Mobile, Android with 24 Comments

Motorola’s iconic Razr is back. And this time around, it’s a modern, full-blown foldable Android phone that’s actually really cool.

The new Razr features a design similar to the iconic Razr device, but Motorola has streamlined the design to be sleeker. The updated design gives you more of a modern feel, while also having the retro look that so many Razr fans will love.

Motorola worked with Lenovo to engineer the new Razr, and the hinge powering the foldable display is pretty amazing considering it doesn’t leave any gap when you close the device, and the displays lay flat when you open the device up. In terms of specs, there isn’t a lot going on. The device is powered by a Snapdragon 710 processor, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage, and a 2510mAh battery.

In terms of the display, the main foldable screen is a 6.2-inch pOLED display with an aspect ratio of 21:9 and resolution of 2142×876 pixels. There’s also a secondary 2.7-inch display on the front that you can use to take selfies, etc. The cameras on the device include a single 16MP camera and a 5MP “internal” camera. There’s also a fingerprint scanner on the device.

Motorola’s take on the foldable Android phone is actually really cool, but I just wish the device had a more powerful processor. But if the specs aren’t an issue for you, you will probably love this thing. Motorola also has a Retro Razr mode on the device that applies a classic Razr UI to the entire device that will give you that old school feeling.

The device will be available for purchase for $1,499 in January 2020.

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Comments (24)

24 responses to “Motorola’s Razr Returns As a Foldable Android Phone”

  1. wright_is

    Apart from the foldable screen, this is a midrange device, from the specs. You'd normally pay around $400-$500 for those specs, so that means that the screen is a $1,000 part, more-or-less.

  2. Andi

    It looks fantastic. Samsung must hate this since this is most likely their tech. As soon as they developed it they announced to the world that it has been stolen by the Chinese, allegedly BOE. In turn BOE surely sold it to Huawei, Motorola(Lenovo) and other Chinese players. What is even worse for Samsung is that this tech can reach Apple.

    • LocalPCGuy

      In reply to Andi:

      The screen fold tech is superior to Samsungs, which folds into a crease. The new Razr forms a loop in the hinge area and is never flattened out when folded.

  3. Jeffsters

    Hey! At least Motorola is consistent! I loved the form factor of my old Razr but it was hobbled by a terrible UI and lacked even simple features that even then where taken for granted. In true homage to the original they've done it again! Bravo! But fool me once...

  4. red.radar

    Oh the nostalgia... when a phone was a phone.

    I love the idea. I hope it succeeds. The specs are fine if it has all the needed functionality....and it’s pocketable !

    for people who don’t live on their phone all day this could be persuasive

  5. rmlounsbury

    So you are paying roughly $1,000 to get a mid-range Android phone that the value add is that it folds. Yikes, this might be the most vain product I've ever seen. It is really cool and there is a part of me that is lusting for it. But there is no way I'm dropping $1500 on a phone that has a Snapdragon 710, likely poor battery life, an old version of Android, and what appears to be a sub-par camera even if we are being lenient with the definition of good photography.

    I recall that the original Razr while being very popular was overpriced and lacked some features from the flip phone era. So this is a perfect recreation of the historical brand.

  6. MTrimmer

    Thought it was a neat concept. Then I saw the price. That is a lot to pay for nostalgia.

  7. nwbasson

    1 Camera

    Snapdragon 710

    2510mAh battery

    $1500 price tag

    Good luck selling this.

  8. mikes_infl

    Nice looking phone, too bad they're trying for glitz instead of market. I'd actually have preferred one with 3 screens - 1 external and 2 internal that actually had a hinge between them. I really have to wonder if a folding screen is really that much in demand. Once they're perfected and commoditized they'd be OK. But this is one area I really wouldn't want to be on the bleeding edge. Definitely out there for folks with money to burn.

  9. orbsitron

    I had the original Razr and loved it. This is intriguing... except for the price!!!

  10. Lordbaal

    This is how foldable phones should fold. Not fold the long way.

  11. MikeGalos

    A folding flexible display phone in a more usable format than the Samsung. Interesting idea.

  12. tboggs13

    I really like this design better than any other folding phone I have seen just from the standpoint I think it is much better looking. I do think the cost vs performance will take it off of my list, but if the quality and durability is there, maybe the Razr 2 or 3 will be a better value.

  13. melinau

    Triumph of style over substance.

  14. Skolvikings

    Can you hang up on someone by flipping the phone shut? I want that! :)

  15. lightbody

    If I can sit down with this in the front pocket of my trousers, then I want it!

  16. codymesh

    this is good for people who want a compact their pockets.

  17. jwpear

    Nice looking device! The price is well beyond what I'm willing to pay for the specs.

  18. harmjr

    I might actually buy this phone.

  19. slbailey1

    Nice phone. If I was not getting the Surface Duo, I would get the Razor.

  20. awright18

    What's old is new again and way more expensive? I can't see this being popular especially at the price point. When the big dogs have 2-3 camera lenses and pushing PRO style devices in that price range, I can't see normal people biting off on this, but maybe that's not there target market anyway. Maybe they are targeting business executives who want the retro look. Seems like something amazon would do, try something and see if it sticks. I honestly think if they brought back the original design with actual number keys and T9 at a reasonable price point it might have a chance. Who knows, maybe it'll be the next big thing.

  21. katiparcha

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