Surface Duo Unboxing

Posted on August 26, 2020 by Brad Sams in Hardware with 27 Comments

The Surface Duo won’t be arriving for a couple more weeks but I got my hands on a device a little bit early and here is how Microsoft is packaging up the hardware.

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Comments (27)

27 responses to “Surface Duo Unboxing”

  1. ghostrider

    These are review samples then. I certainly wouldn't say Microsoft's Mobile game is back - far from it. These are extremely expensive, functionally limited devices (no 5G, no NFC, last years chipset etc). Certainly not mass market, and likely for fanboys only.

  2. Nick Tsiotinos

    Paying with my phone is now so ingrained to me that I no longer carry any payment cards.

    I'm afraid I cannot use a phone without NFC.

    No matter how "productive" or nice it may be.

  3. curtisspendlove

    I honestly find this kinda gorgeous. I was on the fence about trying Android again this fall. And if I did, this was going to be the device.

    However, I have a few concerns after watching a few videos. The aesthetic of the hardware very much appeals to me. However, I want to see it running before I make any decisions.

    I’m assuming I’d get used to the bezels, but performance issues would kill it for me. Especially for that price.

  4. Christopher Spera

    I know Windows Mobile is dead; but this hardware really wants to be a WM device. It really does. I'm also not happy with the price point. At $1400, its just a short $200 shy of the entry level Surface Book 3. When your phone costs nearly as much as a high end PC, there's a problem. While it may double as a full functioning Android tablet, its missing a keyboard, and desktop app compatibility (but that's the case with any and every Android tablet)... for the price.

    I am VERY attracted to this phone; but I have an issue with paying over $1000 for a phone, and this is nearly $1000 and a half (the 256GB version retails for $1499). I also am too entrenched in the Apple ecosystem at this point to completely abandon it for the Google-sphere, especially when YouTube Music really sucks and Google Play Music is all but dead.

    This is a neat device, but I don't know how viable it is, at this price point, with Android, as it currently stands.

    • SvenJ

      In reply to chrisspera: Many phones cost as much or more than common laptops these days. Have for years. You can buy cheaper phones just as you can buy cheaper laptops. The price of this is eye watering but when you consider it has two phone sized, pen enabled screens on it, and compare it to phones with pen capability and one screen, or dual screened phones, it isn't that outlandish. The Note 20 is $1K (single screen). The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is expected to be $1800 (no pen). Yes they have features that the DUO doesn't but they also each lack features the Duo does. I imagine that they could have added all the features the Galaxy Z fold has, keeping the pen support, but then it would likely have been north of $1800. Tough sell as it is.

  5. mikes_infl

    That looks like a modern version of a dualbook I had in 2010 - the Entourage Pocket Edge. One screen was e-ink and the other was LCD. Sort of like a larger PDA with extra abilities.

    The bigger difference though is the price. ouch

  6. glenn8878

    A timely release. Not too early, yet not too late. The packaging is so Apple iPhone style. The box is much too large for the size of the device.

  7. mitip

    Actually it could be clever. i walk around with both a Surface Book and an iPhone 11. One is pretentious, effective as a phone and too siloed and small for much else. The other effective for all else but whats app skype zoom ring on both. why not combine them. What OS will it run, how powerful?

  8. Rob_Wade

    As I thought it could be even less desirable....this video proves me wrong. WAY too big to fit in the pocket, horrible form factor, and useless to replace my tablet. It's just plain ugly, and those ridiculous "bumpers" just add to the ick factor. In my work, the Surface Pro is the primary productivity weapon. When that's not practical/convenient, my smartphone is MUCH more convenient.

  9. scovious

    Any theories on the strange shape of that bumper case?

  10. dexman335

    Mary Jo Foley received a review unit as well. She noted that Microsoft requested that reviews of the Duo not be published until the day it officially goes on sale.

  11. aretzios

    This thing is outrageously expensive for what it is!!

    • sharpsone

      In reply to aretzios:

      Not really all premium phones are in 1K range, this device seems like it will be a better form factor for productivity. More like PC production level instead of the frustrating experience of work g from a single screen.

      • William Clark

        In reply to sharpsone:

        The problem with comparing to premium phones is not acknowledging that $1000+ premium phones are outrageously priced.

        While I do like the concept I think the problem will be that it's still 2 small screens, not one big screen.

  12. jesam

    I for one still mourn the death of WM10, miss my Lumia 950 every day, and deeply hate my Galaxy A40 with Android. I won't burn my hand on this one.

    • spoonman

      In reply to jesam:

      Me too. I had the 950XL and it was a mostly excellent device. It's taken me years to get used to android.

      This looks really cool and I can definitely see myself benefitting from being able to run two apps side by side. Out of my price range , but I would want one despite the shortcomings .

  13. remc86007

    I don't think the price is all that unreasonable considering the trade in program is paying back way over fair market value. The iPhone 8 is $400...

  14. navarac

    Must be at least $200 worth of cardboard packaging there! What a waste.

  15. drwindows

    They put the Surface Earbuds in the review box, but not the Surface Pen?

  16. shmuelie

    The packaging reminds me of Lumia packaging. If it was $1k or less I'd get it, but I just can't get it at the current price.

  17. sharpsone

    She's a beaut... Can't wait to get my hands on one. Ive been looking for something more than the boring slabs out there. I want more screen real-estate without the bulk of a tablet, laptop or 2-in-1. This looks like my next device...